The 'Experience' Economy - a need for authenticity

An old (by definition!) school friend of mine used to say that you go through life buying experience; not stuff. He said this 40 years ago and has applied it as a life rule ever since. He used to walk a different way to school every day. A tough challenge as he lived about 10 minutes away as the crow flew. He is still like this today. As genuine and compelling a person as I ever met.

Get your VAT Levies Right First Time and Avoid Costly Errors

Ever since the introduction of VAT in 1973, when it replaced purchase tax, business have effectively been unpaid tax collectors. Increasingly, they are also being asked by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to act as unpaid VAT inspectors too. It is generally accepted it is the supplier's responsibility to get the VAT liability right.

Monitor and Maximise Practice Performance

The advent of cloud accounting means that keeping track of your practice's financial performance is easier than ever.

Final Curtain About to Fall on 2017/18 – Take the time to take charge of your tax affairs

And now, the end of 2017/18 is near, and so dear friends, we face the final UK tax curtain…….and Derek MacKay has said it clear,….. stated his case,… and …we will do it the Scottish way!

Benefits of Finance Staff Secondments

Businesses are often faced with a dilemma when a special project comes up that requires significant time input from accounting and finance staff.  These types of project can include integrating recently acquired businesses, responding to due diligence requests, bringing accounting records/systems up-to-date, implementing new systems, preparation of statutory financial statements or cover for a member of the team who is absent on maternity or sick leave. 

HMRC’s OpRA – Are you in tune?

Whilst many are familiar with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary love story, HMRC’s version doesn’t stand to be such a hit.

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