Patent Box Tax Relief – Deadline looming

Recently released data from the European Patent Office shows a significant rise in the amount of businesses successfully obtaining European patents. The number of patents applied for has also increased by around 40% since 2008.

More to Mergers Than the Numbers

Last week I was chatting to an investment house who actively takes a part in the management of their investments in an unusual way. Rather than simply invest and turn a penny, they have been actively assisting their boards with a range of ideas and services to (gently) transform the business by making the Exec Team more aware of the existence of specialist skills, and where the Exec Team was expected to add value and expertise.

Property Taxes - Under the Hammer (Again!)

From April 2020, HMRC are proposing to accelerate the payment of capital gains tax (“CGT”) on the sale of UK buy to let properties and second homes, both at home and abroad. The changes do not affect an individual’s main residence, which continues to be covered by principal private residence relief.

Does the Governments anti-corruption strategy go far enough or is it a missed opportunity?

In recent years, the UK government has made some important strides in its attempts to fight corruption.

Trading and Property Allowances ‘TAPAS’– A simple yet tasty treat

Two new annual tax-free allowances of £1,000 for property and trading income have taken effect from 2017/18 onwards, designed to make life easier for micro–entrepreneurs who may be selling their own products online or renting out a room on Airbnb.

Will Size Matter to the Entrepreneur?

In order to continue to promote enterprise and encourage growth HMRC have recently published a consultation to allow individuals to retain their Entrepreneurs’ Relief (“ER”) entitlement where certain qualifying conditions are no longer met.

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