Agility for Organisations not Dogs

09 August 2018

If you Google “Agility”, you will see thousands of images of smart dogs doing amazing agility trials.  Well, perhaps disappointingly for some, this article will not help you with dog agility but it will help you understand organisational agility.

Before I explain what it is and why it is important, let me make some introductions.   Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP is a well-known name in the North East and we are proud to say that Anderson Anderson & Brown Consulting Limited is the newest member of the family; bringing different skills, experience and a focus on new markets to complement what our colleagues do in the LLP.  We may be new but across our core team members we have over 200 years’ consulting experience.  If you then add in our associate network, we would certainly rival Methuselah!

One of the key areas we are focusing on with clients is Organisational Agility.  Increasingly, organisations are facing disruption on an unprecedented scale – customer expectations are changing and we need to be able to react quickly and definitively.  Industries have been turned on their heads by advances in technology - when was the last time you actually hailed a taxi or leafed through dozens of printed travel brochures comparing the prices of holidays or used your smartphone to make a call?  We can hunker down and ‘just survive’ for a while but there comes a point when organisations need to decide how they are going to operate successfully in the new order of things.

So what do we do to help our clients?  At the simplest level, we support organisations across both public and private sectors to adapt at pace to changing demographic, social, technological and economic conditions.  Sometimes the change is driven by new technology that enables new ways of working or market forces when a new disruptive entrant enters the landscape but often it is driven by users – demanding different, better, faster services and new products.

What do we do?

  • we ensure that whatever you commit to in terms of a business strategy is actionable

  • we drive the development of products and services from the perspective of users and we do that in a way that ensures delivery success – active engagement is a critical component in how we deliver

  • we deliver change without the usual drama.  We focus on early and incremental delivery of change that is accompanied by an increase in capability and confidence in client teams so that they can grow and become self-sufficient

  • we take care to wrap the rest of the organisation around the change including governance and decision-making mechanisms,

So, that is what we are about and what we plan to do. For more information please contact Lesley Fordyce ( or your usual AAB contact.

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