Use Your (Artificial) Intelligence

CEST - Changes for the Better?

Tax Challenges (and Opportunities!) for UK Corporates

Have you submitted your December R&D claim?

Testing Times for Tenants - HMRC ask Tenants about their Landlord's UK Tax Status

MTD for VAT - The Next Step

Working in Norway - are you aware of your Corporate Tax Obligations?

Specialist Inheritance Tax & Succession Planning Team

Big Brother is watching... HMRC issue letters to Investors in Offshore Collective Funds

Gender Pay Gap Reporting - Easing the fear!

Overview of the Scottish Deals Market in 2019

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q3 2019

IR35 Off-Payroll Reform likely to go ahead as planned

Act Now! Register to payroll your benefits...

Trends in Scottish Recruitment Mergers & Acquisitions

Tech continues to tick investor boxes

Employee Payslip Rights - Are you compliant?

The Randomness of Global Equity Returns

Tax Tips for Successfully Navigating International Growth

Doing Well and Doing Good?

Holiday Pay Changes from April 2020

North Sea Deal-Making in 2019 - An Era of Transition?

Short Term Business Visitors - Changes to the Special Arrangements Regime

Entrepreneurs' Relief - Take care of over dilution

Focus on what you can Control

HMRC - Changing the way they do business

Tax Simplification.... But are we relieved?

A new lease of life for lease accounting under IFRS 16

Key Areas to Consider Before Selling Your Business

Insolvency – what are the implications for directors?

NHS Pensions – Increased Flexibility Required?

IR35 Off Payroll Working – Lesson to be learned from the public sector changes & HMRC ‘nudge’ letters

How Supporting Whistleblowers Can Enhance Food Safety in the Food and Drinks Industry

Scottish Rates of Income Tax - “A More Progressive Tax System or a Tax Divide...”?

Good News for R&D Tax Relief Claimants

The role of a Financial Planner

Funding Growing Food & Drink businesses

Employee Self-Service – Time to take the Leap?

VIDEO: Merger and Acquisition Activity in the North Sea

“It’s always been done that way”

Offshore Europe Attendees – are you missing out on R&D tax relief?

Open Banking - How will this impact my business?

Seafarers Earnings Deduction & Foreign Taxes

AAB Navigates Tech Business Finances

Extensive VAT changes for the Construction Industry – Are you ready?

New Frontiers for Norwegian Oil and Gas

NHS Pensions – Government rethinks approach to Tax on pension growth for Doctors

Offshore Assets or Income ?... watch out for those ‘Pesky’ Penalties…

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q2 2019

Simplifying the Design of Inheritance Tax

IR35 Off-Payroll Reform – Draft Legislation Released

Is your business impacted by the change in Employment Allowance rules from April 2020?

Foreign employees working onshore in Norway – ID Controls

Accountant to client:  ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’

Scotland Food & Drink – the £30 billion pound opportunity - supporting companies unlock their potential

Dental Incorporations – An Efficient Tax Planning Tool

PAYE Settlement Agreements – Another HMRC Deadline Approaches

Off-Payroll Working Reforms – Your Questions Answered

Optimising Employee Equity Incentives

North Sea Upstream Change - Transaction, Transition & Integration

R&D Tax Relief in the Construction Industry

Opening the Bonnet on Selling Your Business

Upcoming Deadlines for Employers

Specialist Food & Drink Expertise to Grow Your Business

Upturn in Scandinavian business brings new tax considerations for companies

Overseas Pensions

EIS and SEIS – The benefits still stack up!

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q1 2019

Are the robots taking over?

Investors’ Relief Has Finally Arrived

Important VAT Changes – Construction Reverse Charge

Capital Gains Tax – HMRC consulting on upcoming UK property changes

Short Term Business Visitors – Deadline Approaching

Pensions Tax Trap intended for Super Rich now threatens ordinary workers.

Norwegian Income Tax Returns – Deadline Approaching

R&D Tax Relief: Preventing Abuse of the SME Scheme

Employment Related Security Reporting

No ‘duty free’ for personal taxes!

Incorporation – The Forgotten Tax Planning Tool

When companies go bust, who gets what – Part 2

5.6 Million Offshore account details handed over ….  No surprise when HMRC confirms new strategy ‘No Safe Havens 2019’

Brexit … now affecting UK Tax Return Late filing penalties

HMRC – Clamping down on undisclosed Diverted Profits Tax and Corporate Tax liabilities …again!

Spotlight on fundraising

Brexit and The EU National – The Inheritance Tax Trap

Addressing challenges, changes and uncertainty

IR35 Consultation Launched

Positive outlook for Oil & Gas deal activity

Top Tips for practice owners

Are you a British Expat facing Brexit in Portugal?…actions to consider pre 29th March

Taxpayers pushed to ‘certify’ offshore income

An Uncommon Understanding

Payrolling Benefits – Are you still to join the monthly process?

Brexit – The International Tax Implications

Having a strategy document probably won't help you much but good strategic thinking will

PAYE & Non-Executive Directors

International Private Client Tax Team

Subsea Innovation

A national firm with a global outlook

Taxation of non-resident employees working in Norway

Have you been fined for your RF1199s? Now is the time to appeal.

Our natural resources are our greatest assets

Funding Technology

AAB looks forward to the first Scottish Oil Club London event of 2019 on 7 February

Act now – whilst there’s no leaves on the trees…

Upcoming Employment Law Decisions with Repercussions for Employers

Undocumented Expenses – Could this become a costly expense for your business?

Have You Reduced the Gender Pay Gap and Understood Why…Or Why Not?

International Tax training course

VAT and the Social Housing Sector

UK Property – Important taxation changes on the way

How can cloud accounting impact your dental practice?

Scale Rate Payments: What Scale of Checking is Required?

Are you growing internationally?  Don’t neglect the structuring!

Learn to give feedback in real time

Non Resident UK Directors – Are you compliant?

Who’s that knocking at the door?

Construction Industry Scheme – The Costs of Building It Up and Getting It Wrong

Scottish Budget Update – LBTT for Commercial Property Transactions

Scottish Budget Update – LBTT Additional Dwelling Supplement (“ADS”) To Increase

Scottish Budget Update - Scottish Tax Gap to Widen For Higher Earners

Progression on the Scottish Laws of Succession

Establishing credibility in a new E&P business venture

Manage cashflow with superior tax planning

Can You Afford to Keep Your Payroll In-House?

Preparing for Year End

How to set up a business in Norway

All Change for IR35

What’s involved in the insolvency process?

Oil & Gas deals market on the rise

Capital Allowances Budget 2018 – Part 3

Wrong data can still be right

The cost of poor quality of data – how much does it cost your business?

Capital Allowances Budget 2018 – Part 2

The changing face of fundraising

Crowdfunding – a revolutionary finance solution

What to consider if you are thinking of selling your business

The importance of a planned exit strategy

Capital Allowances Budget 2018 – Part 1

North Sea Oil & Gas: The Outlook for Deal Making

When companies go bust, who gets what?

The Brexit Breakfast Seminar

Epayslips – Have you made the switch?

Don’t let VAT be a cost of doing business in the UK – 13th Directive Claims

Addressing key risk areas on potential acquisitions

Planning ahead, while you can!

AAB looks forward to an engaging evening at the Scottish Oil Club in London on 15 November

The benefits of a proactive deal initiation approach

E&P Private Equity Investments Abroad

The ever-expanding functionality of Xero - CIS

An overview of the Scottish Deals market

The Forecast Is Cloud With More Chance of Success

MTD for VAT: Frequently Asked Questions

HMRC reach conclusion on 2016/17 tax errors – 30,000 individuals potentially affected

Payroll Do’s and Dont's for Casual Workers

Outsourcing payroll – would it work for your business?

The impact of Philip Hammond’s Budget

Why Should a Business Consider Outsourcing their Accounting?

The Future of Payroll – credit where credit’s due

How to avoid the common tax pitfalls when selling your business

Overdrawn directors’ loan balances – Part 2

Cloud Accounting – Why should I care? Post-Event Review

Pursuing a buy and build strategy

How to get value from the Apprenticeship Levy

AAB’s new interactive VAT Place of Supply Tool

What is Scotland's new edge in attracting inward investment?

Rural businesses – are you fully aware of how MTD for VAT will impact you?

AAB Look Forward to the Scotland Food & Drink Leadership Dinners 2018/19

Maximising Value from the Due Diligence Process

A resounding thumbs down for proposed IR35 changes?

Key North Sea Tax Considerations - Tax Training

Xero Useful Links

What are the implications of becoming an increasingly digital organisation?

Kicking off with Cloud Accounting: My first month

International payroll payments solution

Stuck in Second Class

Cloud Accounting - Why Should I Care?

AAB become Xero Platinum Partners

Offshore Funds and Excess Reporting Income – there is no hiding place from HMRC….

The help on hand from your accountant

Requirement to Correct – Are you sitting comfortably?

Are we nearly there yet?

Scottish Income Tax Rates – Additional Burden on Self-Employed Dentists

Cost effective PMI

Feeling Charitable?

Getting International Growth Right

Overdrawn directors’ loan balances – Part 1

Last Call for Overseas Tax Disclosures!

UK Property Tax Changes for Non-Residents – HMRC Provide Some Simplification

Overseas Workday Relief (OWR) & Tax Equalisation

AAB looks forward to an engaging evening at the Scottish Oil Club in London on 13 September

Brexit: Indirect Tax implications of a ‘no deal’

The Value of the Night Time Economy

Forecasting the investment weather

Hybrid models for international business growth

Funded Projects and Research and Development Tax Relief

PAYROLL –Your Flexible Friend!

Outsourcing the finance function - Innovative and flexible support for your business

Have you submitted your Limosa?

Scottish Seafood Activity

Anything to declare?

Is your food and drink business at risk of being disrupted by a platform?

Foreign Shares?...Reinvestment Dividends?... Prepare for HMRC asking questions...

Growth Acceleration

Employees and insolvent employers

Organisational Agility Event

Whilst you were lying by the pool (probably sending work emails), did you think about your exit strategy?

Agility is the key enabler of future economic success

Agility for Organisations not Dogs

Taking my own Advice... an Agile approach to the environment

North East Alcohol Think-In Event

More Costs on their way for Contractors & Service Companies?

MTD for VAT  – is it all bad news?

Is your current home earning you valuable rental income from paying guests? HMRC will now start insisting on a share of this income

Scottish Tax Reduction for UK Armed Force Personnel

VAT Reclaim Opportunity for Motor Dealers

Property Taxes - CGT payment window for residential property expected to be reduced to 30 days from April 2020

Have your cake and eat it!

IFRS 15 - Value behind compliance

EIS and SEIS – The tax relief’s get tougher!

Enhanced Tax Reliefs for Vehicles

A Competitive UKCT System, but with Traps for Unwary

Understanding the Value of Your Business

Selling your company – Entrepreneurs’ Relief traps for the unwary!

Statutory Shared Parental Leave & Statutory Shared Parental Pay

Optimising Employee Equity Incentives

Taxation of the Digital Economy – Changes are Coming

Company Voluntary Arrangements (“CVA”) – what are they?

Supporting our Business Leaders and Innovators in Oil & Gas

Making Tax Digital for VAT: MTD-Day minus 200…and counting

You Could Reduce Your Payroll Queries

Reflections on Digital Scotland 2018

Have You Agreed Your PAYE Settlement Agreement?

Anything to declare ? Less than 100 days to go...

Employer Compliance Reviews - HMRC's current focus areas

Living and Working Abroad: Are you Leaving UK Taxes?

How Outsourcing Can Help Insourcing

Are You Feeling a Little ‘Out of Kilter’ with our Scottish ‘Tartan’ Tax ?

Firms Working Internationally Facing Global Tax Headaches

Building a Solid Foundation for UK and Norwegian Businesses

Norwegian Tax Assessment Notice - TAN

EU VAT Refund Claims - Action needed

Social Security – The 52 Week Trap

Filing deadline looming but limited in your resources? Let us ease the pressure

International Insights for Business Seminar

Reporting Information about contracts, contractors and employees in Norway – Important Changes

Update to Non Resident Capital Gains Tax Rules

The Start of a Radical Shift in Digital Economy Taxation?

What IS a good job these days?

Global Payroll – We’ve got the key, we’ve got the secret...

Short Term Business Visitors – Making sure you’re compliant

Seafarers Earnings Deduction – Are you in or out?

AAB's Spring Exploration & Production C-Suite Dinner

Change - Not everyone's favourite word...

The International Tax Instrument with the Best of Intentions!

Working Overseas and Traversing the Share Awards Tax Trail

Norwegian VAT Claims

How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward- The power of management accounts for your business

EMI – Business as Usual!

R&D Tax Relief: Misunderstood and under claimed

Important Considerations when sending employees to work in Denmark

Talent Across Borders

Putting some Worth into your Worthless Assets: Negligible Value Claims

End Use Relief Changes – Welcome News as deadline extended until April 2019

Corporate Interest Restriction (CIR)

Not Just a Compliance Exercise - How the financial audit process can add value to your business

Procurement and Audit - The missing link?

Do you want to Understand the Future of your Business Finances?

DIY Housebuilders - Don’t let VAT keep you from your dream home

Portugal – A Golden Visa to the best kept ‘Tax’ secret in Europe

Inheritance Tax – Call for Simplification

Roundup of International Tax Blogs

Countdown to Employment Related Security Reporting

HMRC's Latest Tactics - A nudge too far?

Patent Box Tax Relief – Deadline looming

More to Mergers Than the Numbers

Property Taxes - Under the Hammer (Again!)

Does the Governments anti-corruption strategy go far enough or is it a missed opportunity?

Trading and Property Allowances ‘TAPAS’– A simple yet tasty treat

Will Size Matter to the Entrepreneur?

Outgrowing Your Finance System - A side effect of success

WEBINAR: VAT in the GCC - Early Lessons Learned

Domicile Tax Enquiries - Are you affected?

EMI Option Scheme status to be lost as EU State Aid approval lapses

Scottish Taxes - Update on Changes to Tax Relief

Supplier Relationship Management - why should anyone care?

Sponsorship is one of the Most Important Elements in any Change Journey

Child Care Vouchers – The Extension

What's your future GAP?

Going Global – The changing face of international payroll

“Top-teaming” – the AAB Consulting Approach

The 'Experience' Economy - a need for authenticity

Get your VAT Levies Right First Time and Avoid Costly Errors

Monitor and Maximise Practice Performance

Final Curtain About to Fall on 2017/18 – Take the time to take charge of your tax affairs

Benefits of Finance Staff Secondments

HMRC’s OpRA – Are you in tune?

Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Realising your Investment -  The benefits of selling your practice earlier in your career

When they say, "it's not about the money; it's ALL about the money..."

Termination Payments – HMRC “PILON” The Tax!

Childcare Support from April 2018

Efficient and Effective Management of Employees Across Global Locations – a case study

Brexit - keep liquid and carry on taking the “Pils”!

6 April 2018 Heralds the Arrival of the New ‘Scottish Tax Year’  – But will it lead to a Scottish tax hangover?

Overseas Tax Audits are High on the Agenda

Changes to Legislation from April 2018

Have you worked in Norway or Denmark…and considered the tax implications? AAB can help!

Trivial Benefits - Tax exemption for rewarding your employees

Time for Growth - But let's be careful out there

Crowdfunding - it needn't cost the Moon

End User Computing (the weed that never dies)

Incubate Business Growth with AAB

Why CFOs are wary of PETS...

Changes to Statutory Payments - New Tax Year April 2018

AAB looks forward to celebrating the 40th Annual Scottish Oil Club Dinner in Edinburgh, 23 February

Marriage Allowance - Does the Scottish Budget have any impact?

Global Mobility - 2018 Key Trends

The Close Process

Non Residents Beware – Tax on Disposal of UK Property …any UK Property!

Payrolling Benefits – Not too late to get your registration in place!

Do You Want to Understand the Future of Your Business Finances?

With the personal tax year ending on 5 April 2018, what actions should I be considering to minimise personal tax liabilities?

Working Overseas?  Factoring in Additional Tax Costs

Making Tax Digital for VAT

AAB looks forward to an inspiring Mexican night at the Scottish Oil Club in London, 8 February

Is 0.1% of YOUR Spend Expensive?

Auto Enrolment – Contribution Changes April 2018 & 2019

Customs Countdown to Brexit

Doing Business in Norway - Tax Training

HMRC Payment Changes

Client Asset Protection (CASS)

International Tax Training For Businesses

Global Tax Headaches

“Improvise, Adapt & Overcome”

I'm not my Dad

Scottish Rates of Income Tax

Toxic Leaders - why do we allow them?

The VAT impact of changing tastes - Version 2

Scottish Budget - First Time Buyers

Scottish Budget - Questions Answered

Filling big shoes - The succession of family members

Whatever happened to self managed work teams?

Watch out if you're buying into buyouts

IR35, Private Sector Look Out!

Gender Pay Gap

Country by Country Reporting

Scottish Taxes are here to stay – but will taxpayers want to stay in Scotland ?

Trust Registration Service

Enhanced Capital Allowances

Working Overseas?  Understanding the Resultant Tax Consequences

Requirement to Correct

The Trip with Tips - When is tax due and by who?

The Evolution of IR35 and your Business- Are you protected?

Scottish Taxes are here to stay- but will taxpayers want to stay in Scotland?

Charity VAT- Beware the income traps

Don’t let VAT be a cost of doing business in the UK – 13th Directive Claims

Landlords Beware – Potential block on loan interest relief for capital withdrawn from letting businesses

VAT on Pension Scheme Costs- The final answer?

Does Your Business Voluntarily Payroll Company Cars?

Your Data is your Asset, use it- the Power of Data Analytics

Exploring Joint Ventures from Every Angle

When is a ‘Van’ a Van?

Trust Registration Service

Introduction to Preparing Accounts Using the Charities SORP Training

Construction Industry Scheme – Avoid the Fine

Termination of Foreign Services Exemption

Have you assigned employees to work in The Netherlands?

Charity VAT – Maximising reliefs

Avoiding the Eye of the Storm- How to Make Sure Your Seafarers Claim is Valid

Failure to Prevent Tax Evasion - A New Corporate Criminal Offence

Introduction of VAT in the Middle East – Seminar

Have your employees received their Tax Assessment Notice (TAN)?  What should they do with it?

Have you had employees or sub contactors working in Norway?

Employed or Self Employed… The Age-Old Debate Rages On

To Disclose or Not To Disclose

Expenses & Benefits Specialist Training - Be Prepared with AAB

Employee Remuneration – Not a golden idea!

Indirect Tax Considerations for International Trade

Appendix 5 Net of Tax Credit Scheme and Dynamic Tax Codes: HMRC are now reacting to the problem

Are you an employer who operates a Net of Tax Credit Scheme? Have your employees received K codes from HMRC?

VAT in the UAE – VAT Risk Management Seminar

Vinyl Junkie?

Consultants, why use them?

Working Overseas? Reviewing the Draft Contract

PAYE Settlement Agreements – Another HMRC Deadline Approaches

Is it Time for Your Check Up?

Nowhere to hide now on women’s pay

Payrolling Benefits – Advantages worth signing up for…

What is a qualifying project for R&D tax relief?

Just When Can I Retire?

EU VAT Refund Claims – Action Needed

Voluntary Overtime included in Holiday Pay – How will this change impact Employers?

“Incompetence on a grand scale” - The VAT assessment HMRC didn’t want!

To charge or not to charge? The VAT conundrum

Raising capital in the energy sector to deliver growth aspirations

An all-round advisor in your corner

Spirit start-ups – areas to consider

Are you paying double tax?

Have you got a TAN? Norwegian Tax Assessment Notices Arrive Early

The VAT impact of changing tastes

Working Overseas? Understanding the Project

Taylor review of working practices: change is on its way for everyone?

Share options: The flexible way for employers to share equity with staff

Making Tax Digital – Breaking News!

Social Security goes Digital – Impact on A1s?

Are you missing out on valuable tax reliefs?

Adding new power to your cloud accounting solution

Social Security Certificates of Coverage Q&As

Employee PAYE Tax Codes: Guidance for Employers

Double funding for innovation

With inflation rising, is it time to cut the VAT rate?

Global Mobility – Is your policy robust? – Case Study

Ensure your contract ‘Does-what-it-says-on-the-tin’

Global Mobility – Global cost burden

State Pension age about to increase?

Working Overseas?  Get Your Commercial Head On!

The “£1m” Residence Nil Rate Band

VAT in the GCC – Are you ready for 2018?

Business Protection – What Does It Really Mean?

Safeguard your business through an effective whistleblowing solution

Back to the future for dentists

Norwegian VAT Claims – Deadline approaching

Effective and Strategic Business Models in the E&P sector

Increased National Insurance costs for Non UK residents

Change Management in International Business

VAT Flat Rate Scheme – Time for a change?

Low cost Business Process Management Software – what’s the catch?

Business advice from Coldplay?

Doing Business in Norway – unlock the secrets with specialist AAB training

Global Mobility – Struggling to Keep Track?

Making Tax Digital for Businesses (“MTDfB”)

Norwegian Income Tax Returns – Deadline Approaching

Online Personal Tax Accounts – Making Life Easier for Employees & Employers?

Childcare Vouchers & Scottish Income Tax

Avoid the Indirect tax pitfalls of international trade with specialist training from AAB

Auto Enrolment for New Companies

New tax year, New rules…for Employers

Short Term Business Visitors – Reporting Deadline Approaching

Self Employed - Make the most of lower NIC costs while you can !

State Pension – Who will pay yours?

Ten tips to save you tax

International Payroll – Double Tax Obligations

Talent Across Borders – upcoming AAB seminars in Aberdeen and London

Childcare – Which scheme is best for you?

Back to the Future for dentists

Get ready for life outside the Single Market

Pension Peril For Higher Earners – Beware Of The Tapered Annual Allowance

Claims - changes to the system

Another Payroll Year End

New tax trap for Expats selling UK property - Non Resident Capital Gains Tax

Payroll headaches resolved

Social Security: Country of Residence Rules for Multi-State Workers

Are you a Scottish Taxpayer for payroll purposes?

Deadline for making a retrospective NICs holiday claim is looming

The importance of good Corporate Governance

International Payroll - Avoiding Double Tax

When is a Van not a Benefit?

Tapered Annual Allowance – A Nightmare on Pensions Street

Going digital – is it time to review your system?

Thinking of selling your business?

Are you ready for this Levy?

National Minimum Wage Rates Changes effective from 1st of April 2017 – is this correct?

Navigating International Tax with Specialist Training from AAB

Share Based Payments and the Autumn Statement

A Global Workforce – When is National Insurance Payable in the UK?

Statutory Payments - a Guide for Employers

How Automatic Re-Enrolment Works

Norwegian Certificates of Pay and Tax Deducted – 2016 - Due 1st February 2017

What is Group Income Protection?

Norway Year End Reconciliation – Did you check your 2016 A-melding submissions for errors?

Auto Enrolment - The Time v Money Debate

Expenses & Benefits Specialist Training - Be Prepared with AAB

Scottish Budget Update

When HMRC Come Knocking…

Auto Enrolment Rules – What You Need to Know Now

Keeping a close eye on the government

We all gain from thinking before selling shares

Specialist Training that Unlocks the Secrets of Innovations Tax Relief

Energise your business

Sole trader or limited company? Some points to consider.

International tax – Have you taken too much credit?

Autumn Statement 2016 – Increasing the Burden on Employers?

Why the year-end chat should start well in advance

The Sky's the Limit with Cloud Accounting Software

Clear the way for business to shine

Opening up in the UK: Cloud Bookkeeping helps Overseas Businesses

Specialist Training to Tackle International Trade Taxes

How R & D Tax Relief Can Cut Your Costs

Remotely Managing an Overseas Business with Cloud Bookeeping

How Cloud Bookkeeping is Impacting on Accountants

Online Bookkeeping – a Platform for Collaboration

Norwegian Tax – Are you Compliant?

Online Accounting Software is Right Up-to-Date

Getting the best price for your business takes preparation

Norway - open for business!

Profit averaging for farmers: harvesting the benefit

Insolvency Practitioner – what is that?

Time for the biggest VAT shake-up ... and its not Brexit!

Have they paid us? The critical question every business needs to ask

Termination Payments – Termination of Complex Tax and National Insurance Treatment?

Why being a landlord is about to become a lot more expensive

Direct answers on the role of directors

Apprenticeship Levy – Still No Bang for your Buck!

Greater visibility: how management accounts help you to plan

7 Tips For Keeping Your Business Financially Resilient

How can Salary Exchange Save you Money?

Salary sacrifice - a sacrifice too far?

Auto Enrolment Contribution Rate Update

Global Mobility Policy Best Practice Advice and Tips

Choosing a Self-Service Payroll System

Brexit:  What will it mean for UK taxes?

Your annual return to Companies House? It’s now a thing of the past

Payroll Outsourcing – Putting Your Business First

The Real Cost of Redundancy & Managing the Tax Implications

Why honesty is always the best policy

Some great ideas to help your grandchildren

Sitting down with a start up

Tax relief for innovative corporate businesses

M&A Integration Business Planning

Invest some time to understand tax changes

Payroll outsourcing. What are the advantages?

Private landlord? Don’t wait for a knock on the door.

How R & D tax relief can cut your costs

Insight into the inside threat


Payroll Management - A Fresh Approach

Simplified tax? We’re still waiting!

Effective Payroll Management

Good Governance

Cash is King - Improving Cash Flow Using Efficient Tax Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Think you’ve sorted auto enrolment? Think again...

Pension Contributions & the New Annual Allowance

Talking to Your Accountant About Workplace Pensions

Workplace Pensions. Small Business Owners, Don't Miss This!

Make the most of End of Year Tax Planning

Worried about pensions auto-enrolment? Here’s a ten-point plan

Financial data that’s right up to date

Winding up your business? Watch out for the new rules.

Tax Exemption for Trivial Benefits – effective 6th April 2016

Benefits in Kind Update

Just another “Tax”?!

A New Era for Tax Reporting

Growing support for UK whistleblowers

Ten tips for keeping your business safe online

Turning a blind eye to transparency

Internal Audit – Vendor Masterfile

Money laundering: your role in stopping the criminals

Flat-rate pensions: clearing up the confusion

Dividend changes: are you ready?

31st January: dare you miss the deadline?

Succession planning key to future business success

Protecting data day to day

Beware the seven year itch

More competitive Norway tax regime for corporates?

Contract Audit - driving business efficiency

Contract Audit – Manual Timesheets

Are you braced for the unexpected?

Raising capital to facilitate long-term growth

Taking the pain out of payroll

Incentivising Employees In Hard Times

The importance of keeping in touch

Don’t let doubts cloud your judgement

Too much capital? Your company may have more options than you thought

Pensions come into their own

Could growth vouchers eventually grow on business?

Building for the future with bricks and mortar

How’s your relationship going?

Finding the accountant that’s right for you

Buy to let: still an attractive proposition?

Time to invest for the future

The dividend shake-up in July’s Budget

The transfer window is now open

Changes from the Chancellor

Start planning for the future with your accountant

Why trusts are giving way to Family Investment Companies

How ‘the cloud’ is impacting on accountants

Free up your time with professional, strategic support

Prepare to share

Blowing the whistle on a key employment judgement

UK Government’s ‘Googletax’ targets global tax avoidance

Get ready for the new Customs regime

Banking on the right decision

Investors: here’s some real food for thought

The Non-Domiciled Spouse Election

Five ways to measure business health

Are you tied to the chair? Tax Advice for Dentists

Back to the future (Part 2)

Bridging a gap in knowledge could bring huge relief

Expand in a disadvantaged area and you could receive a tax break

Back to the future

Don’t let customer debt get you down

When you're saving, look for extra savings

Invest now and reap the reward

Buying a student flat?

Get ahead of the game, as the general election looms

A new start with the one-stop shop

Minimising the costs of further education

How to boost businesses tax efficiently

You can, when you plan…

From feast to famine – time to refocus

Converting to limited company status? The choices just got harder.

Thinking ahead on VAT compliance

Your accountant as your new best friend – part 2

Is your accountant your new best friend?

Being up front about the new tax challenges

A mentor could be a motor for your business

The new world of converging standards

Property a hot topic as CGT changes loom

Accountants can advise, but its clients who decide.

Changes to taxation of pensions on death

Financial Planning

Expert guidance on taxing issues

Key tips when selling your business

Thinking ahead on VAT compliance

That's a fine mess we can get you out of!

Major Governments Cracking Down on Global Tax Avoidance?

The new world of converging standards

Even when you act global, you can think local

Accountants can advise, but it’s clients who decide

Let your Pension be your Inheritance

Own a second home? The taxman may be ringing the doorbell.

Navigating your internationally mobile employees around the world

Business planning tips you can tap into

There’s great value to a proper valuation

Ringing the changes in the world of audit

How Patent Box Tax Relief Can Save Tax on a Deal

A Referendum on your Financial Future

To get on top of the issues, it’s important to be in touch

Evidence is key to VAT claims

Inheritance tax on trusts: finding the right balance

Benefits in Kind – Is Change Coming?

Accelerated Payment Notice (“APN”) Regime

Share Awards – All change for Internationally Mobile Employees

Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) Simplification

Think you’ve sorted auto-enrolment? Think again...

Implementation of a Capital Gains Tax Charge on Non-UK Residents

Realtime collaboration: the sky's the limit with Cloud computing

HM Revenue & Customs Targeting Overseas Investments

Twice the Tax Saving

Keep it in the family: planning your business for the next generation

The dividend that comes with sensible remuneration planning

Are you looking to maximize the value of your business?

How will new UK GAAP impact your company’s results?

Commercial property transaction? Think of the pool before you jump in

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When you’re thinking about school fees, it pays to do the maths

Why EMI options could be exactly the right incentive for your key staff members

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Don't listen to the wolves on Wall Street...

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There’s a downside to every upturn, which is why it pays to think ahead

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Freelance contracting is a common way of operating in the oil and gas and IT industry. But what are the issues that freelance contractors should be aware of?

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New Deputy Managing Partner for AAB

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Firm headcount goes over 200!

Tax Free to IHT

Essential ingredients to a successful investment

Figuring out emotions

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Managing your inheritance tax exposure

Lifetime allowance … use it or lose it

Taking stock of employee shareholding

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Top tips for successful sale of business as Scottish market shows recovery

Micro Tyco Team Update!

Offshore Employment Intermediaries – latest Government proposals

Micro Tyco

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Plan Early for Impact of New GAAP

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AAB Act As Advisors To Enovate Systems In The Sale To Aker Solutions

Global Employment Structure Arrangements

The long awaited UK 'Statutory Residence Test'

Accounting Services Newsletter February 2013

Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC)

Getting the most out of Acquisitions

International tax and payroll on overseas projects – managing the minefield

Limited Liability Partnerships: Back in Vogue

Significant new penalties for failure to register with Dutch Chamber

Real Time Information ("RTI") PAYE Penalties

Not all January sales are a waste of time ...

The New "Employment Owner" Status - Exchanging Employment Rights for Shares

High Income Child Benefit Charge

Capping of Tax Reliefs from April 2013

Business Record Checks

Real Time Information ("RTI")

VAT Deadline - Don't get caught out over the festive period

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Tax and Working in Norway

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