Trivial Benefits - rewarding your employees

Withholding Tax - implications following Brexit

Tax reliefs available for businesses considering electric cars

Could Wealth Taxes be an option to pay for the COVID-19 deficit?

Brexit and National Insurance - rules from 1 January 2021

The clock is ticking, don't be late! File your 2020 Self-Assessment Tax Return on time

UK reduces the scope of mandatory reporting requirements in relation to DAC 6

Same old, same old? Why you should undertake a process review

2020 Year in Review - Legal Sector

2020 Year in Review - Energy Sector

IR35 Off-Payroll Working Reform – A recap and clarification on key points

2020 Year in Review - Professional Services Sector

Brexit is happening, but what about the personal tax impact?

2020 Year in Review - Manpower & Recruitment Sector

2020 Year in Review - Family Businesses

2020 Year in Review - Construction & Property Sector

2020 Year in Review - Food & Drink Sector

2020 Year in Review - Public & Third Sector

Do you find yourself with an over or underpayment of tax every year?

2020 Year in Review - Tech Sector

Change and challenges in the energy sector

Brexit and National Insurance - the transition

Is a new wealth tax coming?

Do you value your time?

Temporary workplace rules - not always as straightforward as you may think...

Investigating Inheritance Tax - HMRC haul hits four year high

Furlough during the Christmas period

Don't be blind to the Brexit challenges

Government Grinch gives the go-ahead to virtual staff parties

Capital Gains Tax - Is a rate increase on the horizon?

The Third Sector & The Next Normal

Deals+ Energy Deals Done in the UK Q3 2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended until March 2021

Extension of the Self Employment Income Support Scheme Grant

IFRS 16 COVID amendment at a glance

COVID-19 HMRC Statutory Residence Test "Exceptional Circumstances"

IR35 off payroll working reform - education is key

Sold UK property in 2018/19? You could be next on HMRC's 'hit list'

Postponed import VAT accounting – A Brexit plus point

A balanced energy transition: our responsibilities as leaders in the energy sector

HMRC have undeclared holiday letting income in their sights...

How to be seen to be green, without just a lick of paint

Should you set up a family investment company to protect your family wealth?

Coronavirus Employment Support Measures – An Update

Corporate Tax Considerations to Maximise Cash and Retain Employees

Relocating from or to the US? Here are the key tax situations to be aware of

M&A activity in family business sector

Don't get caught in the post-Brexit customs net

The Winter economy plan - what is in it for individual taxpayers?

Tech Sector Overview

2020 Deals Market Overview

Time to consider a sale? CGT rates remain as Autumn statement is scrapped

Flown Home Versus Home-Grown

Fraud or Legitimate Error? Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Preserving Value, Fairness & Assurance through Joint Venture & Contract Audits

“Hello, this is HMRC calling"... but is it really them? Beware of scam phone calls

Termination Payments: PENP recap & upcoming changes…

Charity VAT Opportunity – HMRC clarify treatment of digital advertising

IR35 Off-Payroll Working Reform – Full Steam Ahead…again!

Potential Changes to Qualifying Costs for Research and Development Tax Relief

Technology - Not just for international clients

Moving Overseas to Save Tax? This could be more taxing than you think…

Personal Service Companies - Is it time for action?

HMRC Nudge Letters for Overseas Income – another batch issued in July 2020

Capital Gains Tax - What will be the 'next normal'?

Life After Brexit - An amicable split or a bitter divorce?

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions - Impact on Employer PAYE Reporting when NT codes in Operation

Working on Windfarms

2019/20 PAYE Settlement Agreement Deadline Approaches

Getting Value From Benefits

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q2 2020

Energy Finance Technology: Adopting new ways of working that challenge the old

Coronavirus Job Retention Bonus - Further guidance issued

Make Tax Great Again! – Anticipated changes in respect of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax

Blog 6: Working together to find the solution

Data Analytics and COVID-19

"I Have Received my 2019 Norwegian Tax Assessment Notice, Now What?"

Blog 5: Putting hydrocarbons into context

Blog 4: The often misunderstood environmental impacts of green energy

2020: Shining a Spotlight on the Tech Sector

Blog 3: Can a new energy source replace fossil fuels?

Where Professional Services Firms Should be Focusing Their Efforts as Lockdown Eases

Blog 2: Energy transition has been taking place for centuries

Retaining Key Employees and Maximising Cash

Blog 1: Meeting green targets and growing global energy demand

Key Considerations for M&A during COVID-19

VIDEO 5: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat - Reframing Work

Energy Transition - Promoting our competitive advantage

Tech Deals - A clear target for 2020

VAT Rate Cut for Tourism and Hospitality Sectors - Further Guidance

VAT Rate Cut – Stimulus or suppressor?

VIDEO 4: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat - Looking After Your Team

Responding to Change in the Public and Third Sector

COVID-19 Furlough Not Disqualifying for EMI

COVID-19 is a "Reasonable Excuse"

IR35 Reform - Full steam ahead for April 2021

The Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software During COVID-19

Energy Transition - Continuing to keep the lights on

VIDEO 3: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat - Costs & Budgeting

Upstream E&P - Navigating complex landscapes in the energy sector

Food & Drink Industry: Adapting to the Next Normal

VIDEO 2: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat - Plan Ahead Teams

Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme from 1st July 2020

HMRC Toughen Its Stance - Additional HMRC Task Forces and Criminal Prosecutions

Restructuring and Recovering for the Future

VIDEO: Respond, Review, Restart, Repeat

Guidance on how to use the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Portal

Auditing From Home - Using technology to continue servicing our clients

Breaking News – Implementation of Construction Reverse Charge Delayed until 1 March 2021

British Expats Beware - HMRC are coming...

Upcoming Deadlines for Employers

Future Fund

Corporate Tax Filing Extensions for the North Sea

Doing Business in Norway - How to get a VAT refund

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Latest Updates

Allow Innovation to Deliver Your Company Cash

Emergency Loan Fund for Scottish SME Housebuilders

Support for Private Landlords

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q1 2020

Successfully Navigating Disputes with HMRC

Bounce Back Loans for Small Businesses

Temporary Pension Measures for Returning Public Sector Workers

Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund

Offshore Assets, income or gains …any undisclosed tax liabilities?  HMRC offer ‘Time To Pay arrangements’ during COVID-19 pandemic

‘Plan Ahead’ and the ‘Next Normal’

Essential Pre-Sale Tax Planning

Support Packages for Early Stage and Innovative Firms

HMRC Offer to Suspend Tax Investigations amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 - Skilled frontline foreign workers receive temporary tax concession

Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme

New Registration Requirements for Employers Posting Employees to the Netherlands

COVID-19 Support for Small Businesses

COVID-19 Support for SMEs

COVID-19 Support for Large Businesses

COVID-19 Indirect Tax Measures in Europe

COVID-19 International Corporate Tax Filings and Payment Extensions

COVID-19 - Support for Third Sector organisations

Take Investment Losses for Tax Planning Gains?

Overseas Corporate Landlords Face New UK Tax Reporting Obligations

Modelling Risks and Opportunities in Upstream Oil & Gas

COVID-19 - Some Legislative Facts from Around the Globe!

COVID-19 - R&D Claims

COVID-19 Sector Specific Support

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Key Information

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)

COVID-19 Expenses When Working From Home

Making Tax Digital - Phase 2 postponed until April 2021

Coronavirus - Changes to the Insolvency Rules

Prevention is better than Cure

The Self Employed Income Support Scheme

COVID-19 - Gender Pay Gap Reporting Suspension

COVID-19 - Latest UK Government Support Measures

Coronavirus – Practical Measures You Should be Taking

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

COVID-19 - Job Retention Scheme

Deferment of Tax Liabilities - Immediate relief for those affected by COVID-19

COVID-19 Statutory Sick Pay

"HMRC are not of course infallible..."

Non-UK Resident and worried about extended days in the UK? – HMRC issue welcome concession due to COVID-19

Modelling Risks and Opportunities in Upstream Oil & Gas

Does Your Finance Function Stop at the Office Door?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus - How HMRC can (and will!) help minimise the financial impact on you and your business

IR35 Off-Payroll Reform Delayed Until 6th April 2021

Coronavirus - The Financial Impact

Budget 2020: Annual Allowance Pensions Changes - A Silver Lining or a Sting in the Tail?

Budget 2020: Positive News on Research & Development (R&D) Tax Relief and Capital Allowances

Budget 2020: Post-Brexit VAT measures welcomed by UK businesses

Budget 2020: New dawn for Entrepreneurs’ Relief

SeedPod - What does this mean for Scotland Food & Drink Businesses?

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Big Changes to Employment Allowance in April 2020

Is 'COVID-19' affecting your travel plans? Don't let it also affect your tax residence position.

2019 Norwegian Income Tax Returns - Get Ahead of the Deadline

No Safe Havens for those with Offshore Income or Assets - Have you received a letter from HMRC?

It's That Time of Year

Tax Relief for Building Costs

Rewarding Innovation

The Death of Inheritance Tax as we know it?

Enhanced Capital Allowances

Selling a Second Property? HMRC now want to know about it within 30 days

Trivial Benefits - Where are the rules?

Solutions in the quest to bridge the deal-making gap

Positive outlook for Oil & Gas deal activity

Pensioners and Portugal's Non Habitual Residence Scheme - is the "Golden Visa" about to lose some of its brilliance?

The Scottish Budget 2020/21

Deals+ O&G Deals Done in the UK Q4 2019

IR35 off-payroll reform - full steam ahead!

How will you Value your Time this Decade?

Could the March Budget Affect your Pension Annual Allowance?

Working in Norway & Denmark - Are you aware of your Corporate Tax Obligations?

EU Quick Fixes - Cross Border movements of goods

The VAT Act is "Always Speaking"

Happy New Year! Is it time for a spring clean already? - Tackling taxation issues

Fishing Boats and HMRC's Change of Policy on Tax Relief

2019 Market Reflection

The Positives of Insolvency - How we help

IR35 - Will the Government Listen?

Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay - Are your Parental Leave policies up to date?

Temporary Pensions Tax Measures for NHS Staff

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