Changes from the Chancellor

It is, of course, human nature.

Start planning for the future with your accountant

Accountants do a lot more than simply crunch numbers. They can be trusted partners who’ll help you draw up a compelling business plan.

Why trusts are giving way to Family Investment Companies

For people with significant wealth, Family Investment Companies are now a more fashionable way of planning for the future.

How ‘the cloud’ is impacting on accountants

We are all getting used to how "the cloud” impacts on us in our personal lives, for example storing data such as photos and music on our smartphones that we can access and share from anywhere in the world.

Free up your time with professional, strategic support

Many professional services firms – including accountants – employ a ‘practice manager’ to oversee and co-ordinate their work. Plenty of companies in other sectors could benefit from exactly the same kind of approach.

Prepare to share

Before May’s election, many businesses were uncertain about whether they would pursue shareholder status for key employees. Now there’s a definite flurry of interest.

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