Don’t let doubts cloud your judgement

Cloud accounting makes sense at a number of levels, so why are some businesses still so reluctant to embrace it?

Too much capital? Your company may have more options than you thought

For some years now, it’s been possible to reduce the capital in your company without going to court. More owners could probably take advantage of the freedom on offer.

Pensions come into their own

If you’re a business owner who’s ignored pension provision until now, the new regime should make you sit up and take notice.

Could growth vouchers eventually grow on business?

Back in January 2014, the government launched a ‘growth voucher’ scheme aimed at supporting small businesses. It was designed to help SMEs gain access to technical and financial advice and offered £2,000 if companies were to match the funding with their own cash.

Building for the future with bricks and mortar

Property investment can undoubtedly bring rewards, but it’s important to recognise the potential pitfalls too.

How’s your relationship going?

When your business is a partnership, it’s worth watching out for warning signs of trouble on the horizon. If you can act early, you may pre-empt costly disputes.

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