Contract Audit – Manual Timesheets

In this day and age it is interesting to see our good old friend, the manual timesheet, still being used in many labour intensive businesses. Manual timesheets can be an effective, if inefficient, way to record time as long as there are sufficient controls in place through the various stages of the process. However, if not carefully controlled, there are points in the process where error or fraud may occur.

Are you braced for the unexpected?

Stuart Petrie, Private Client Tax Senior Manager at AAB, explains the benefits of business protection arrangements.

Raising capital to facilitate long-term growth

The trading environment over the past 12 months has been challenging for a large number of companies. Given the falling oil price and impact of the wider economy, raising capital to facilitate long-term growth will not have been at the forefront of management discussions.

Taking the pain out of payroll

Outsourcing your payroll run can help reduce errors. At the same time, it can ensure you comply with ever-more complex regulations.

Incentivising Employees In Hard Times

Employees are fundamental to the success of any organisation; attracting and retaining key individuals is challenging. More than any process or procedure people create value in business, therefore the creation of motivation and drive in these challenging economic times could prove to be the key to success.

The importance of keeping in touch

If you want to build a stronger business, your relationship with existing clients is absolutely critical argues GRAEME ROSS of Anderson Anderson & Brown.

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