Protecting data day to day

Data security is often in the news at the moment, but not all businesses have taken the steps they need to protect themselves.

Beware the seven year itch

Recent commentary in the press about practices being investigated by The Scottish Dental Access Initiative (SDAI) could have been prevented in some cases if those Practices had better visibility of their finances.

More competitive Norway tax regime for corporates?

Norway recently released their 2016 budget with Corporate tax rates set to reduce from 27% to 25% from 1 January 2016 and proposals to further reduce rates to a more competitive 22% by 2018.

Contract Audit - driving business efficiency

Holding your suppliers to account is surely not a bad idea. Whenever we hold anyone to account, it generally improves performance, not just our performance but more importantly their performance. Think of any successful sporting teams; not just a good manager and good players but a strong system and individuals who know their roles. Without accountability, how can we praise performance, or highlight specific improvements. Yet many companies don’t see the value in contract audit, not just the monetary value but the intangible benefits, and focus instead on the cost. At times like these, costs are being cut and contract audit is an easy cut to make. But is it the right one?

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