Money laundering: your role in stopping the criminals

It’s not just accountancy firms and tax officials who have obligations in relation to money laundering. HMRC expects many others to play a role too.

Flat-rate pensions: clearing up the confusion

It appears to be a straightforward concept, but the new state pension regime does, in fact, throw up a few complications.

Dividend changes: are you ready?

In his 2015 Budget, Chancellor George Osborne introduced significant changes to the taxation of dividends. Owners of small businesses need to take note.

31st January: dare you miss the deadline?

All self-assessment forms must be filed by the end of January 2016 and accountants are busy reminding their clients of the red-letter day in the calendar. But how much risk do you really run by being late?

Succession planning key to future business success

Succession planning is a critical part of ensuring the future success of any business. Why leave it to chance? Investing time and effort focusing on your medium to long term plans, and those of your Senior Management Team, has the potential to pay dividends in the future.

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