Payroll outsourcing. What are the advantages?

In recent years, organisations have been investing in software solutions to bring their payroll back in-house. Now though, with the introduction of RTI and auto enrolment, which together represent the biggest changes to payroll in the UK in modern times, many payroll departments have been forced to consider a change of payroll software or solutions; the most obvious being looking at payroll outsourcing. Amongst other things, the reasons for this often include the non-compliance of their current system with the new legislation.

Private landlord? Don’t wait for a knock on the door.

Are you a private landlord letting out a residential property? If so, you may want to take advantage of a scheme operated by HMRC.

How R & D tax relief can cut your costs

In the current economic climate companies are increasingly looking for ways to cut their costs. One option, where you are eligible, is to make a claim for Research & Development (“R & D”) Tax Relief.

Insight into the inside threat

The biggest threat to your IT may actually come from within, so it’s time to think about security measures.

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