Social Security Certificates of Coverage Q&As

In previous blogs looking at social security for globally mobile employees, we have discussed when UK National Insurance is due (view our blog on this topic here) and the rules for multi-state workers (view our blog on this topic here).  In these, we covered the rules to determine where contributions are due and highlighted that a certificate may need to be obtained to provide to the authorities of other relevant countries to satisfy them that contributions are not due to them because they are being paid elsewhere in accordance with the rules.  This blog will explain how certificates can be obtained and key issues around certificates to consider through a series of questions and answers.

Employee PAYE Tax Codes: Guidance for Employers

Employers or their outsourced payroll providers will often get queries from employees about the level of tax they are paying and their PAYE codes at the start of a new tax year and throughout.  Employers have a statutory obligation to operate the PAYE code issued by HMRC for an employee and do not receive any detail of what is included in the code.  Although it is the employee’s responsibility to check their PAYE code, for many employers simply telling their staff to contact HMRC often leaves employees feeling unsupported and frustrated.

Double funding for innovation

Earlier this month, Nicola Sturgeon announced that oil and gas innovation spend had almost trebled to £43m in Scotland last year. The Scottish government has surpassed its commitment to provide £10m of support for innovative projects in the industry and has committed more funding over the next 10 years.

With inflation rising, is it time to cut the VAT rate?

As the inflation rate continues to creep up, there are increasing calls for the VAT rate to be cut.  This was the approach taken by the Government in December 2008 at the start of the financial crisis when the standard rate of VAT was temporarily cut by 2.5% for a year.

Global Mobility – Is your policy robust? – Case Study

Following on from our recent blog regarding businesses having a global mobility policy, we have seen a number of cases where the need for a robust policy has come to the fore.

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