Spirit start-ups – areas to consider

FOR any new start-up there are many different issues to consider. However, when your business involves alcohol production, there are additional excise considerations to address.

Are you paying double tax?

Employees working overseas claiming foreign tax credit are potentially impacted by HMRC change to ‘real time’ PAYE codes!

Have you got a TAN? Norwegian Tax Assessment Notices Arrive Early

The Norwegian authorities have, somewhat unexpectedly, implemented a new process this year and started releasing all of the 2016 Norwegian Tax Assessment Notices (TANs) approximately 4 months earlier than usual.  The new process is such that the TANs will be released in batches. The first batch was released at the end of June, with the remaining notices scheduled to be released on an ongoing basis between 2nd August and 25th October.

The VAT impact of changing tastes

Whenever the discussion turns to VAT with food and drink clients and it’s not long before someone mentions the “Jaffa cakes” case and whether it is a cake or a biscuit. Whilst it can seem to be a humorous case, the argument taken by McVities way back in 1991 serves to illustrate how complex the VAT rules can be when applied to the food and drink sector.

Working Overseas? Understanding the Project

Our first blog on the topic of working overseas, summarised the process by which we ensure our ‘Proactive and Commercial’ objectives are achieved. The first stage is ‘Understanding the Project’.

Taylor review of working practices: change is on its way for everyone?

Matthew Taylor’s much anticipated review of Modern Working Practices was published on 11 July 2017 and there is much to digest. The wide-ranging recommendations encompass many aspects of the working relationship – not just for those working in the gig economy – and, if put into practice, will herald the most ambitious overhaul of working conditions in recent times. It is now for the government to decide how to take forward the myriad of recommendations – no mean feat with Brexit negotiations already in progress.

Share options: The flexible way for employers to share equity with staff

Share schemes can be an attractive workplace savings option, helping employees to save while encouraging engagement with an organisation’s business performance.

Making Tax Digital – Breaking News!

HMRC yesterday announced that the launch of their Making Tax Digital for Business programme has been pushed back until at least April 2020. Implementation of digital record keeping and quarterly reporting to HMRC for unincorporated businesses and property landlords was planned to be phased in from April 2018, however this has been postponed for at least 2 years to allow businesses more time to migrate to digital record keeping.

Social Security goes Digital – Impact on A1s?

Charlotte Stewart discusses the quicker and easier exchange of social security information throughout the EU and beyond following the latest developments from the EU Commission.

Are you missing out on valuable tax reliefs?

MANY business owners ignore valuable claims for tax relief through Capital Allowances due to a perception of the complexity involved in identifying qualifying property related expenditure, Appropriate consideration of capital expenditure could result in significant cash-flow advantages for many businesses.

Adding new power to your cloud accounting solution

Accounting in the cloud has become more and more commonplace. But few people know just how much extra functionality you can build into a cloud based accounting package, argues STEVE MITCHELL of AAB.

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