Making Tax Digital for VAT: MTD-Day minus 200…and counting

It’s a bit like GDPR – everyone’s suddenly talking about Making Tax Digital for VAT (“MTD”) but many businesses don’t know what it means and how it impacts them, let alone what they might have to do.

You Could Reduce Your Payroll Queries

Why not encourage your employees to self-serve online by activating their Personal Tax Account (PTA), as many of the queries your employees bring to you can be answered in their PTA.  Fifteen Million people are already using theirs and is a simple way for employees to manage their tax affairs.

Reflections on Digital Scotland 2018

We had a good time at Digital Scotland 2018, the Scottish Public Sector’s digital transformation conference, in Glasgow last month. 

Have You Agreed Your PAYE Settlement Agreement?

A PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) allows employers to settle the tax and National Insurance (NI) due on small or irregular taxable expenses or benefits provided to employees rather than the employees suffering the tax on these. 

Anything to declare ? Less than 100 days to go...

The countdown is on for individuals, Trusts and Estates to submit a full disclosure to HMRC if they need to correct their underpaid UK tax position in respect of any offshore interests.

Employer Compliance Reviews - HMRC's current focus areas

HMRC Employer Compliance reviews are something most businesses are faced with at some point. These enquiries can cover a vast area of business procedures, however, tend to have a heavy focus around payroll, employee expenses and benefits, staff entertaining and a whole host of other employee related matters.

Living and Working Abroad: Are you Leaving UK Taxes?

Deciding to leave the UK to work abroad is a big decision but often the impact on your tax position is an afterthought. The tax treatment depends on a number of factors, including the length and timing of your departure from the UK as well as any personal ties you maintain such as a home and family. These factors will determine whether you meet the criteria to be treated as non-UK resident under the Statutory Residence Test. Further guidance on breaking UK residence can be found within our Statutory Residence Test Flow Chart at the end of this document.

How Outsourcing Can Help Insourcing

Starting up or growing a business can be a challenging task. As a business owner you wear many hats, operations, HR, admin, accountant, handyman, and the list goes on.

Are You Feeling a Little ‘Out of Kilter’ with our Scottish ‘Tartan’ Tax ?

The 2018/19 Scottish budget was passed by Holyrood on 21 February, but what does this really mean for Scottish Tax Residents?

Firms Working Internationally Facing Global Tax Headaches

With increased globalisation, and information sharing agreements in place between countries, firms working internationally are facing global tax headaches as Governments aggressively attack companies using tax audits and assessments.  Overseas authorities are focusing on direct taxes, such as personal taxes of globally mobile employees or corporation taxes on intercompany transactions.  Attention is also paid to indirect taxes, ensuring companies have correct processes dealing with customs duties, VAT invoices, payments and returns.

Building a Solid Foundation for UK and Norwegian Businesses

Following a period of consolidation and cost efficiency programmes, oil and gas related companies are beginning to see an improvement in performance and trade. This has been aided by the increase in the oil price which has doubled in two years. Companies have been exploring international opportunities as well as building on the foundations in the North Sea.

Norwegian Tax Assessment Notice - TAN

As soon as the Norwegian tax authorities have assessed the Norwegian tax returns, they will issue a Norwegian Tax Assessment Notice (TAN) between June and October, following the year of duties in Norway. 

EU VAT Refund Claims - Action needed

Businesses operating or incurring costs within other EU member states will pay VAT on at least some of their costs.  VAT rates across the EU range from 15% to 27% so even relatively small costs can result in a significant amount of VAT accruing on an annual basis.

Social Security – The 52 Week Trap

Recently, AAB were approached by an oil and energy company, with globally mobile employees, who wished to transfer their payroll from their current provider. As part of the implementation process a thorough review of the clients payroll process was undertaken.

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