AAB looks forward to an engaging evening at the Scottish Oil Club in London on 13 September

“Can the Oil & Gas Sector Survive the New Paradigm in Energy?”

Brexit: Indirect Tax implications of a ‘no deal’

Last week, the Government issued a series of Technical Notices to help businesses to make informed preparations in the event that no formal agreement is reached during the ongoing negotiations between the UK and the EU.

The Value of the Night Time Economy

In partnership with TLT LLP and iZettle, Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP hosted the first North East Alcohol Thinking (NEAT) event at the BrewDog Castlegate on Thursday 23 August 2018.

Forecasting the investment weather

Forecasting ‘expected’ returns on portfolios is a little like forecasting the ‘expected’ weather in the UK.  Yet despite sensible generalisations - such as its usually sunny and warm in the summer and cold and frosty in the winter - we all know that the day-to-day, month-to-month and even year-to-year variation is high. 

Hybrid models for international business growth

Average business growth rates, profit margins, and return on assets have been accelerating over the last 50 years since the software industry was born. Recently so called ‘platform businesses’ have taken these to new heights, delivering unprecedented rates of growth and valuations. Never ending amounts of capital seem to flow to unprofitable digital ‘unicorns’ whilst there is no let-up in earnings expectations for established businesses.

Funded Projects and Research and Development Tax Relief

Research and development (“R & D”) tax relief is a government-sponsored relief to encourage companies to undertake innovative activities. Activities qualifying for R & D tax relief are those seeking to achieve an advance in science or technology through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty.

PAYROLL –Your Flexible Friend!

With 2018 now a few months past the half way point for the year, now is the time to look and see what the next 6 – 12 months will look like.  With ever changing payroll rules and regulations being introduced by HMRC and other statutory bodies, payroll professionals need to be aware of these fast changing rules and ensure that they are proactive to any changes that are coming ahead.

Outsourcing the finance function - Innovative and flexible support for your business

When growing a business or simply maintaining existing operations, running your finance function can be challenging. Unlike the large multinational companies you may not have a comprehensive finance team with all the expertise at your disposal. For small and medium sized companies there often isn’t room in the annual budget for a Finance Director, Financial Controller, Management accountant and Accounts assistant.

Have you submitted your Limosa?

With globalisation becoming commonplace and many companies opting to grow their business through international operations, it is crucial to be aware of the compliance requirements that are in place across many jurisdictions.

Scottish Seafood Activity

In pursuit of accelerated growth, Scotland Food & Drink Ambition 2030 aims to double the value of the industry to £30bn by 2030 across the UK and Internationally and the Seafood sector has a key part to play in delivering the growth plan aspirations.

Anything to declare?

Unfortunately this is not a question about the duty free goods which accompanied you back from your summer holiday!  On 30 September 2018, the opportunity to tell HMRC about previously undisclosed overseas assets or income, using the beneficial terms of their Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF), will end. 

Is your food and drink business at risk of being disrupted by a platform?

Online businesses such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber are now part of our everyday lives and represent a large share of consumer spend and stock market value.

Foreign Shares?...Reinvestment Dividends?... Prepare for HMRC asking questions...

Many International Oil and Gas companies encourage employees to participate in their company share award arrangements, allowing them to receive shares as part of their remuneration package, which can be financially very attractive, also allowing for savings when the awards include tax exempt HMRC approved share schemes.

Growth Acceleration

AAB’s Growth Acceleration service provides strategic and financial advisory support for growth businesses from start-up to exit.

Employees and insolvent employers

I have dealt with more insolvent companies than I care to remember and can say without a shadow of a doubt that the worst part of the job is standing in front of the workforce, explaining that there is no money to continue trading, no money to pay their wages, and so they are being made redundant with no warning whatsoever. I expect no sympathy for that though, as being on the receiving end of that news is much, much worse.

Organisational Agility Event

Please join us for our Organisational Agility Event on Thursday 20th September at One Lochrin Square, Edinburgh.  Now, if we haven’t got your attention quite yet, then please read on.

Whilst you were lying by the pool (probably sending work emails), did you think about your exit strategy?

As the holiday season is now in full swing in England & Wales and coming to an end North of the Border, time away from your business may have offered you an opportunity for reflection and to consider the Bigger Picture (in between dealing with the “emergency” calls from the office of course).  You might have ignored the cabin crew pointing out your nearest exit on boarding your flight to the sun, however, you may have taken the time to consider how and when you might exit your business in the future?  Ok, maybe you didn’t have time.

Agility is the key enabler of future economic success

I’m not sure two dinosaurs missing Noah’s Ark led to their extinction but it’s an amusing thought!

Agility for Organisations not Dogs

If you Google “Agility”, you will see thousands of images of smart dogs doing amazing agility trials.  Well, perhaps disappointingly for some, this article will not help you with dog agility but it will help you understand organisational agility.

Taking my own Advice... an Agile approach to the environment

I was lucky enough to attend the Northumbrian Water Group's innovation festival this week. It was incredible to see so many people taking a step back from their day jobs to think about some really tough challenges, like how can we improve the lives of the visually impaired or how can we use open data to proactively predict (and prevent!) flooding.

North East Alcohol Think-In Event

The hospitality industry across the North East is experiencing significant challenges from legislative changes to cost pressures and efficiency drives.

More Costs on their way for Contractors & Service Companies?

Aberdeen, more than most, has given much thought to the effects of the off-payroll working rules introduced into the public sector in April 2017, and the potential repercussions if these rules were rolled out into the private sector.

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