Is your business impacted by the change in Employment Allowance rules from April 2020?

The Employment Allowance was initially introduced in April 2014. Whilst minimal changes have been made to the qualifying criteria of who can claim the allowance in recent years, there is some big changes ahead of us from April 2020.

Foreign employees working onshore in Norway – ID Controls

Employers sending their employees to work onshore in Norway, must ensure that the employees attends an ID control meeting at one of the selected tax offices in Norway, in order to verify their identity and to obtain a tax deduction card.

Accountant to client:  ‘Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’

Getting on for 30 years ago my brother married an American girl, and we made the journey from the UK to Texas for the celebrations. As father of the groom my father made a speech where he talked about how when his parents met they had lived in neighbouring towns in Yorkshire; in those days marrying someone not from your own town was considered adventurous. When he and my mother married, some 30 years later, he was a Yorkshire man living in Plymouth, she was a Cornish girl who’d crossed the Tamar – very exotic in those days, but the Yorkshire family made the long trip to the south west two days after Christmas for the wedding. Roll it forward another 30 years then, to our trek across the Atlantic. My father’s point was that times had changed, the world had shrunk and what was unimaginable to his parents’ generation was now an accepted part of our lives.

Scotland Food & Drink – the £30 billion pound opportunity - supporting companies unlock their potential

The Scottish food & drink industry is a globally recognised brand and continuing to strengthen this brand will be key to reaching the shared vision of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership outlined in their “Ambition 2030” strategy.

Dental Incorporations – An Efficient Tax Planning Tool

With the recent changes to the Scottish Income Tax system, many dentists are considering how to run their business more tax-efficiently.

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