Brexit and the A1 Application Process – What’s Changed?

As discussed in our Blog “Brexit and National Insurance – rules from 1 January 2021”, A1 certificates continue to be obtained for posted workers so that UK resident employees and employers can remain within the UK National Insurance system and exempt from local social security contributions whilst working in countries within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. Following the UK’s exit from the EU, although the new agreement in this respect is almost a direct replica of the previous regulations, the application process for obtaining such coverage has seen some changes.

Why you should consider the R&D tax credit scheme if you operate in the food and drink sector

Reacting to ever-changing consumer demands and market pressures requires constant innovation, and companies within the food & drink sector may have been under great pressures to adapt their operations accordingly over recent months.

Planning Matters for Property Landlords Post Pandemic

Stuart Petrie, Director at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP 

Pension Planning Early

It is a well-known fact that starting a pension earlier in life will help create better retirement outcomes later. However, the focus of this blog is about planning as early in a tax year as possible. There are many benefits to doing this, in particular it allows individuals to recognise what opportunities they may have for making pension contributions and spread the cost (and the investment risk) over the year.  

Succession Planning for Family Businesses

Family businesses come in all sorts of guises, with varying internal challenges and external market forces. But one thing they all have in common is that eventually someone else will need to take the reins. While it’s possible that the business could be sold, most know with certainty that succession will be passing to the next generation. So, with such inevitability why is this a subject that often isn’t discussed until the eleventh hour?  

Income Tax Reporting and the Digital Era

Making Tax Digital (“MTD”) for Income Tax has been talked about for many years now. The idea that the tax return process can be completed by third parties providing all relevant information to HMRC is still a long way off, but it is the direction HMRC are heading. A pre-populated tax return sounds like a great solution and is what HMRC hope to achieve but there are lots of moving parts.

Is there a penalty in getting your claim for R&D Tax Relief Wrong?

At this time when many companies are looking for some additional cash, far more have been looking at R&D tax relief and being more open to consider whether their activities qualify as innovative enough to justify a claim.

The Scottish Public Sector – What next after the Scottish Elections?

Against the backdrop of a post-Brexit and post-Pandemic landscape, the 2021 Scottish Elections have taken on a very different emphasis. Looking at the manifestos of the five main political parties, not unsurprisingly, in addition to the inevitable consideration of Scotland’s Future; “Recovery” and “Rebuild” are the key themes. I have considered these manifestos from the viewpoint of their impact on the Scottish Public Sector. 

Deals+ Energy Deals Done in the UK Q1 2021

As featured in Energy Voice, Anderson Anderson & Brown Corporate Finance ("AABcf") is delighted to share with you our quarterly Deals+ update for Q1 2021, highlighting selected Energy M&A and Fundraising transactions across the UK.

One third of Scottish taxpayers are unaware of tax changes made by the Scottish Parliament

6 April 2021 signalled the start of another new tax year. Perhaps an appropriate time therefore to reflect on a recent review of awareness amongst Scottish taxpayers which found that 33% of those surveyed were unaware that the Scottish Parliament had made changes to the tax system since 2015, with a more worrying 26% completely unaware that the Scottish Parliament had powers to make changes to income tax rates in Scotland. This has resulted in professional bodies calling on Scotland’s political parties to improve awareness of devolved taxes.

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