Why is Research and Development (“R&D”) Important for Brewers?

R&D normally delivers a cash flow benefit to a brewer.

Non Resident Landlords continue to own up to HMRC…

Around 250 non UK resident landlords voluntarily disclosed previously undeclared rental income for 2020/21 to HMRC, via their ongoing “Let Property Campaign”.

Autumn Budget Announcement: reporting residential property sales to HMRC – welcome extension to 60 days

Rishi Sunak’s Autumn Budget will come as good news for individuals and trustees selling UK residential property. In his speech on 27 October 2021, the Chancellor announced provisions which will help to alleviate the compliance burden on those selling chargeable residential property by doubling the time available to report and pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) from 30 to 60 days after completion.

Autumn Budget announcement – a measured approach

With fanfare the Chancellor delivered a budget increasing Public Sector spending by £150bn, but what was the effect on the Private Sector?

Key considerations for business owners in advance of selling their company

Following significant disruption to the UK Construction sector throughout the Covid pandemic, demand for construction is on the rise driven by large new infrastructure projects, housebuilding, and an increase in home improvements. This increase in demand comes at a time when there is a shortage in skilled workers and key building materials, creating issues for smaller companies that lack visibility of medium to long term demand.

Why is Research and Development (“R&D”) Important for those in the Food Industry?

R&D normally delivers a cash flow benefit to those innovating in the Food Industry.

NE deal making landscape – key current trends in the region

When we were faced with the pandemic early last year, the impact of this unprecedented situation on dealmaking in the north east, and across Scotland, was felt almost immediately.

The impact of change in the energy sector

Scotland, along with the rest of the world, is being challenged on its climate impact that we know must be addressed. Aberdeen, as a recognised energy hub and the entire north east of Scotland – indeed the whole nation – has a vital role to play in the green economy recovery as we aim to reach the ambitious target of net zero emissions for greenhouse gases by 2045.

Scotland’s food & drink offerings are more important than ever to help with economic recovery

Dramatic landscapes, white sandy beaches and charming cities, towns and villages are all but a few reasons why Scotland is on so many people’s travel lists. As well as the few reasons listed, Scotland can be considered one of the world’s most attractive food destinations. Like many of us, I long for venturing abroad to fulfil my foodie/travel needs, but I do believe that we have just as much to offer, so long as you pack for all four seasons at any time of the year!

UK Non Doms subject to HMRC scrutiny

HMRC action

The UK still provides significant UK tax mitigation strategies for overseas income sources where you are tax resident here, but not UK domiciled (Non Dom). HMRC are looking very closely at this group of individuals and have recently issued “Nudge letters” asking them if they are confident their tax liabilities have been reported correctly, particularly targeting those who have been resident in the UK for a number of years.

Transitioning to Net Zero

As in life, the Energy Transition and achievement of Net Zero, in my mind, is about balance. The goal to reach Net Zero is quite rightly high on the global and political agenda and we all have a role, a responsibility as individuals to play our part in its success over the coming years and decades.  

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