Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

19 March 2020
How We Are Responding

At AAB our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our people, our clients and our communities. This is a fast-moving, unpredictable situation, which we are monitoring carefully and we have already taken a number of precautionary measures to minimise the risk to our clients, colleagues and others. Following on from our initial communication, we have prepared the information below to help answer any questions you may have around our ability to continue to deliver all of our services.

  • We are Protecting Our People

We have suspended all non-critical business travel, cancelled or postponed all events with 20+ people and meetings are being encouraged via video conferencing or telephone calls.

Staff who feel even mildly unwell, or if someone they live with have flu-like symptoms, are being isolated for 14 days.

We are ready to follow further guidance from the World Health Organisation and both the Scottish and UK Governments and are constantly monitoring these communications.

  • We are Delivering for Clients

Our business - and the service we provide to clients – currently continues as normal. Agility, and everyday flexibility is part of the way we work at AAB and in the event of a full office closure, we have the technology and capabilities in place to enable all our people to work remotely and securely.

  • We are Prepared as a Business

Our Business Continuity Plan is robust and a number of measures have already been taken as part of our response. We are now regularly stress-testing our processes, systems and policies alongside extensive scenario planning to assess the likely impact of COVID-19 on our, and our clients’, business’.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss further please do get in touch with your usual AAB contact.

This information was updated at 14:20 on 19/03/2020

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