Epayslips – Have you made the switch?

14 November 2018

Technology. It seems to have taken over the world. The mobile phone has become such an integral part of our entire being, that many of us have forgotten life without it.

Yet, we still find that many employees receive a paper payslip, but why should this paradox exist?

There are many benefits from moving to electronic payslips (epayslips):

Save Time and Money – For the HR or Finance function, time savings on distribution, not to mention money saved on postage, replacement payslips or P60s.

Improved Delivery – No more lost payslips, payslips left in pigeon holes, on desks, payslips returned to HR or Finance

Security – Only the recipient can access their epayslip. A paper payslip can be opened by anyone, and with identity theft on the rise, do you really want to increase the risk?

Environment – Ok, removing paper payslips won’t save the planet, but every little helps!

Compliance – You only need to give your employee an itemised pay statement. It doesn’t have to be paper, so there are no compliance issues to worry about.

And it’s not just paylslips that can be delivered electronically. P60s, P11Ds and auto-enrolment communications are just some things that can also be sent using the same platform

Thinking you don’t need yet more software? Easy! Outsource your payroll to A2B and receive all the above benefits that epaylslips can bring as standard.

For further information, please contact Katy.Christiansen@aab.uk or your usual AAB contact.

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