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25 May 2018

This blog continues the series of Global Payroll blogs by Simon Porter, Assistant Manager in our Payroll and Employment Taxes Team.

During our previous Global Payroll Blog, we introduced you to the main business drivers that have been making companies decide to move on to a more global payroll solution.

At A2+B LLP, we can assist with transitioning your payrolls onto a Global Platform, whilst adding value through our Plus Factor.

As a reminder, the key business drivers for companies looking to move to a more Global Payroll Platform are:

1. Service Level Challenges

When utilising payroll providers across different locations to deliver payroll services, you can encounter service level challenges, in regards to customer service and payroll accuracy.

Here at AAB, we work with our affiliates in each location very closely, and any reporting that received will be fully reconciled by our team, prior to being sent for approval.

2. Cost

Working independently in each region is not the most cost effective way of working, our Global Payroll Model will save you money.

3. Time

Managing payroll providers in each location eats into a lot of your valuable time.

The way our model works is that you communicate with A2+B LLP, and we take on the task of managing our affiliates in each location, ensuring that you receive the very best level of customer service.

4. Global Visibility

Working with different providers across the globe also usually comes with a lack of an overall Global picture of cost breakdown across your organisation in each region that you operate in.

A2+B LLP can dashboard reporting which can pull together reporting from all of your global payrolls, and report back to yourselves in various reports designed around your businesses needs and requirements.

5. Risk & Compliance

How do you know that you are compliant in each country that you operate in?

We perform an audit to ensure that you are compliant and not open to potentially huge corporate fines in any of your countries of operation.

6. Lack of an International Payment Solution

Here at AA+B LLP, we have a partnership with an International Payment Solution company to simplify the process of making international payments, across the Globe, and ensuring that you are not paying excessive foreign exchange rates. 

During the next blog, we will discuss the benefits of moving your payrolls to A2+B LLP and the various service lines that we offer.

To find out more about Simon Porter, click here.

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