Hybrid models for international business growth

27 August 2018

Average business growth rates, profit margins, and return on assets have been accelerating over the last 50 years since the software industry was born. Recently so called ‘platform businesses’ have taken these to new heights, delivering unprecedented rates of growth and valuations. Never ending amounts of capital seem to flow to unprofitable digital ‘unicorns’ whilst there is no let-up in earnings expectations for established businesses.

 So the question is what should ‘traditional’ businesses do about it? Can they adapt their business model to capture the growth potential of digital? And what happens to digital businesses when growth starts to slow down?

 On Wednesday 19 September, as part of Scottish International Week, AAB will be hosting ‘Hybrid Models for International Business Growth’ - an event focused on these areas. The event brings together key figures from the industrial and digital sectors in Scotland to discuss and compare their approaches to growth and learn from one other:

  • Aaron Falls – Group Strategy Director, Alexander Denis PLC, one of Scotland’s largest manufacturers and international exporters

  • Colin Hewitt, founder and CEO, Floatapp.com, based in Codebase in Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s fastest growing SaaS businesses, providing cashflow tools for small businesses

  • Julie Ashworth, leadership consultant, investor, NXD and advisor to growth enterprises

  • Brian Mooney, AAB Consulting Director and growth strategy advisor

The panel will discuss examples of hybrid business models combining asset-based products & services with digital innovation. And what digital businesses can do to sustain growth by using classic growth strategy tactics. 

 If you are interested in new ways to grow your business this is a must attend event!

 For more information, and to book your place, visit the Scottish International Week website here.

 Should you be interested but unable to attend, you can contact Brian Mooney for more information (brian.mooney@aabconsulting.uk).


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