Organisational Agility Event

14 August 2018

Please join us for our Organisational Agility Event on Thursday 20th September at One Lochrin Square, Edinburgh.  Now, if we haven’t got your attention quite yet, then please read on.


There are at least 3 great reasons to come along…

1.We will be sharing our approach to building agility within organisations including creating a strategy that is actionable and ensuring you have the right portfolio of services, products and experiences.  We will also talk (but not for too long!) about drama-free delivery and providing assurance that enables everyone to sleep at night but doesn’t get in the way of delivery.
2.However, if that isn’t enough, we will also be hearing from double Olympic Gold Medallist Sarah Ayton, who put agility and culture change at the heart of her Olympic campaigns to win Sailing Gold at Sydney and then again at Beijing four years later.   We are confident we will all learn from Sarah’s insights and experience.
3.Finally, we are delighted that we will also be joined by agile and tech evangelist JP Hastings-Spital from Deliveroo, one of the platform businesses at the heart of the    gig-economy.  We have all seen the impact that businesses like Deliveroo have had on customers and hospitality businesses therefore it will be great to hear directly from JP on the agility of Deliveroo.

And finally…

We will have plenty of drinks, snacks and fab people to meet.  Surely that sounds like a great way to spend a couple of hours? For more information about this event and to sign up, click here.

If you have any questions before the event, contact Audrey Stewart on 07973 125223 or

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