Whilst you were lying by the pool (probably sending work emails), did you think about your exit strategy?

As the holiday season is now in full swing in England & Wales and coming to an end North of the Border, time away from your business may have offered you an opportunity for reflection and to consider the Bigger Picture (in between dealing with the “emergency” calls from the office of course).  You might have ignored the cabin crew pointing out your nearest exit on boarding your flight to the sun, however, you may have taken the time to consider how and when you might exit your business in the future?  Ok, maybe you didn’t have time.

Agility is the key enabler of future economic success

I’m not sure two dinosaurs missing Noah’s Ark led to their extinction but it’s an amusing thought!

Agility for Organisations not Dogs

If you Google “Agility”, you will see thousands of images of smart dogs doing amazing agility trials.  Well, perhaps disappointingly for some, this article will not help you with dog agility but it will help you understand organisational agility.

Taking my own Advice... an Agile approach to the environment

I was lucky enough to attend the Northumbrian Water Group's innovation festival this week. It was incredible to see so many people taking a step back from their day jobs to think about some really tough challenges, like how can we improve the lives of the visually impaired or how can we use open data to proactively predict (and prevent!) flooding.

North East Alcohol Think-In Event

The hospitality industry across the North East is experiencing significant challenges from legislative changes to cost pressures and efficiency drives.

More Costs on their way for Contractors & Service Companies?

Aberdeen, more than most, has given much thought to the effects of the off-payroll working rules introduced into the public sector in April 2017, and the potential repercussions if these rules were rolled out into the private sector.

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