Working Overseas and Traversing the Share Awards Tax Trail

Internationally mobile employees (IME’s) play an increasingly important role in a globalised world. As technology develops and businesses expand into new markets, complex employment arrangements are in place to move directors, executives and employees between different geographical locations.

Norwegian VAT Claims

Businesses operating within Norway will pay Norwegian VAT on in-country costs. With the standard VAT rate in Norway at 25%, even relatively small amounts can result in a significant VAT cost accruing over a year. There is a mechanism which enables non-Norwegian businesses to reclaim this VAT thereby delivering a boost to profits.

How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward- The power of management accounts for your business

Why do I need to prepare management accounts for my business?

EMI – Business as Usual!

Following the announcement in early April that EU approval for Enterprise Management incentives (“EMI”) tax reliefs had been delayed, it was good to hear that the EU commission have finally confirmed the renewal of EU State Aid on 15th May 2018.  This is positive news for small and medium sized businesses (“SMEs”) and this announcement will be welcomed by the UK’s SMEs to help attract and retain talented and skilled staff.

R&D Tax Relief: Misunderstood and under claimed

This blog post highlights some common misconceptions regarding R&D tax relief.

Important Considerations when sending employees to work in Denmark

If you have UK resident employees who are being posted to work in Denmark there are a number of important factors to consider in relation to their income tax and social security/National Insurance liabilities in both the UK and Denmark.

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