Tech continues to tick investor boxes

Technology has long been a hunting ground for investors with aspirations of backing the next ‘game changing’ idea, concept or invention. With the global thirst for continual development, process efficiencies, speed of communication and less human intervention, it is little surprise that the UK tech sector grew 2.6x faster than the rest of the economy.

Employee Payslip Rights - Are you compliant?

In this day and age, there is no excuse for an employer not to provide their employees with payslips. Yet, this is not always the case. So what does the law state on this? 

The Randomness of Global Equity Returns

Where in the world will I invest? A question often asked and given the current happenings in world markets, a very topical one. If you listen to the news, some countries may seem like better places to invest than others, based on how their economies and stock markets are doing at that particular time.

Tax Tips for Successfully Navigating International Growth

Many Scottish businesses are currently experiencing an increase in opportunities to export their products and services into new markets out with the UK.  Whilst undoubtedly international growth will present exciting new opportunities for businesses, it is vital the necessary due diligence of any new market is undertaken in order to ensure the financial side of things is protected. There are many businesses historically that have been guilty of pursuing international growth without due consideration being given to the new overseas financial environment that they are entering – doing business in a new country will differ in many respects, compared to the UK operations which the business will be used to. One of the key considerations in this respect is in relation to the tax regime in that country.

Doing Well and Doing Good?

David Attenborough recently starred at Glastonbury giving a passionate speech about the impact humans and our behaviours are having on the sustainability of our planet. This got me thinking about the growing interest from clients in responsible investing and questions we are asked about whether individuals can integrate their values around sustainability. For instance, how can they reduce their portfolio’s environmental footprint while maintaining sound investment principles and achieving their investment objectives?

Holiday Pay Changes from April 2020

You would think calculating how much holiday pay an employee should receive would seem a straightforward process. However, various court decisions over the past 5 years have changed this, meaning employers now face a range of additional circumstances they need to consider when calculating holiday pay.  

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