AAB looks forward to an engaging evening at the Scottish Oil Club in London on 15 November

“Dilemmas and Opportunities: The Future of Oil and Gas Exploration”

The benefits of a proactive deal initiation approach

Deal initiation or ‘match making’ is not a new concept in corporate finance circles with some parties preferring to undertake off market transactions to avoid the competitive nature of the higher profile auction processes.  Naturally, as with any transaction, a focussed deal initiation approach can bring benefits to both buyers and sellers, ultimately the amount of time saved compared to a marketed approach is immeasurable for a number of reasons but often significantly less. 

E&P Private Equity Investments Abroad

AAB Directors Alasdair Green and Callum Gray, together with Opportune LLP Partner Josh Sherman, provide a detailed insight into trends in oil and gas private equity investments abroad for Oil & Gas Investor

The ever-expanding functionality of Xero - CIS

If you work in the construction industry you may find the daily/monthly administration side of CIS a burden.  You have to:

An overview of the Scottish Deals market

The Scottish deals market remains healthy with positive deal activity being reported in most industry sectors underpinned by stable market conditions in spite of the wider political uncertainty over Brexit. We continue to see good deal opportunities across the whole country with particularly healthy levels of activity in the technology, food & drink, construction, support services and leisure & retail sectors. Our deal flow across Scotland remains very strong having completed over 25 transactions in the first half of 2018.   

The Forecast Is Cloud With More Chance of Success

The change which has taken place in the world of accounting software over the last 10 years has been nothing if not seismic, as innovative cloud-based solutions have transformed how people work. It’s not just about the benefits of being able to work anywhere and on any device. There are literally hundreds of apps which, when linked with your accounting app, will revolutionise not just how information is collected and entered, but, maybe even more importantly, the insights which can be gained which then inform the decision making process.

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