Talent Across Borders – upcoming AAB seminars in Aberdeen and London

10 April 2017

Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (AAB) have taken the lead to host a unique mini-series of seminars in Aberdeen and London in May this year.  Talent Across Borders will address key challenges faced by senior leaders on human resources at the forefront of international business decisions.

To offer diverse expertise across the field and to compliant AAB’s global staff mobility and change management focus, the firm has partnered with other specialist organisations across international human resources and business consulting.  These include legal firm King & Spalding, executive search firm Cripps Sears, money transfer experts HiFX, visa specialists The Visa Team and the ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants).

Chaired by two leading international authorities in business, the unique seminar style will involve interactive audience participation where challenges will be presented to industry experts who will discuss, debate and provide case studies on the key issues faced by businesses as they navigate complex paths to increased global success.

Topics, challenges and questions for discussion have been compiled by the seminar partners from the market, and they welcome further input. 

AAB and their partners look forward to welcoming audiences in Aberdeen and London.  They should expect to network with their peers and gain insight into:

  • New country entry
  • Growing overseas and M&A change management
  • Expatriation and sending key talent overseas
  • Visa planning and control
  • Movement of money
  • Managing the risks of global mobility
  • Localisation and building teams
  • Securing the best international talent
  • Operational tracking of people and global payroll
  • Business intelligence technology
  • International staff tax compliance
  • Surviving and thriving internationally

For further information on Talent Across Borders in Aberdeen please click here, and for London please click here.

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