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As featured in the May/June 2019 issue of Insider Magazine, AAB is delighted to share details of our dedicated food and drink team's knowledge, experience and recent experience. 

An Uncommon Understanding

Why not “A Common Understanding”?  Well, because when it comes to cost sharing, a common understanding is all too rare.

A national firm with a global outlook

Globalisation is an increasingly important opportunity for businesses of all types – some looking to set up a new ventures overseas, others looking to expand operations and some performing international projects in multiple countries. All of these approaches are well known and understood by Chartered Accountancy & Business Advisory firm Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (AAB), who have a wealth of capability, experience and resource in this area.

Act now – whilst there’s no leaves on the trees…

We’ve all done it, sat in conferences, listening to inspiring keynotes, making notes about things you know will change how you work, how happy and motivated your workforce will be, how much money you’ll make etc etc. Back at the office you tackle the email backlog – and all those thoughts, ideas, inspirations get displaced by the day to day, the mundane. In the last two weeks I’ve attended an event dubbed ‘Coachella for accountants’, another one which most certainly wasn’t, and an engaging food and drink event where the memorable line ‘Nothing tastes like a Scottish tomato’ was delivered. Plenty to take away from those events! But actually despite the very obvious differences there were common themes.

Cloud Accounting – Why should I care? Post-Event Review

Last week AAB hosted two successful events ‘Cloud Accounting – Why Should I Care’. Our guest speakers gave insights into the difference the adoption of cloud-based software can make to a business.

AAB Look Forward to the Scotland Food & Drink Leadership Dinners 2018/19

AAB are proud to be sponsoring the Scotland Food & Drink Leadership Dinner series in partnership with Morisons LLP and Livingston James. There are seven events being held across Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Shetlands, Edinburgh, Oban and Ayr which provide a platform for industry leaders to come together for vigorous discussion about, and input into, the future of the food and drink industry, helping to shape Scotland Food & Drink’s strategic direction. Additionally, it gives those in the industry and opportunity to network with peers and engage with national food and drink strategy.

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