Data Analytics: the future is already here

If you type “What is the future of audit?” into Google (other search engines are available) there are a range of themes and opinions evident. One prediction is the break-up of the dominance held by the global audit firms leading to increased competitiveness. Another is the shifting of stakeholder expectations from the traditional mantra of auditors being “watchdogs and not bloodhounds” in the wake of numerous high-profile failures. There is also the concern that the audit process does not add value because it is too focused on the past.

The Third Sector & The Next Normal

The events of 2020 have been unlike anything we could have anticipated. They have triggered developments across all organisations as we all continually reacted to new, and rapidly changing, guidelines from the World Health Organisation and both the Scottish and UK Governments.

Preserving Value, Fairness & Assurance through Joint Venture & Contract Audits

Effective Joint Venture Accounting and Contract Compliance in an E&P Operator are vital for all parties involved and those who share in a venture. They are the first line of defence processes that provide assurance and comfort to the owners and partners that outgoing payments are valid and reflected accurately.

Auditing From Home - Using technology to continue servicing our clients

At the start of 2020, none of us could have imagined the position we would be in today; the full team working from home, our clients making difficult decisions on a daily and weekly basis to protect their businesses and the only contact with each other being via a camera and microphone. Where we currently stand at the start of June 2020, it may look like it is possible that we will be able to return to our o

Modelling Risks and Opportunities in Upstream Oil & Gas

The double whammy of COVID-19 and a global oil price war is presenting what might be one of the upstream oil & gas sectors’ biggest challenges to date.

Funding Growing Food & Drink businesses

Fundraising for start-ups or early stage companies has always been a challenging task as anyone who has seen the plucky contestants enter the Dragons’ Den on the hit television programme can agree. However, with a high number of food and drink companies emerging each year the competition to secure investment is becoming even more challenging.

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