Modelling Risks and Opportunities in Upstream Oil & Gas

The double whammy of COVID-19 and a global oil price war is presenting what might be one of the upstream oil & gas sectors’ biggest challenges to date.

Funding Growing Food & Drink businesses

Fundraising for start-ups or early stage companies has always been a challenging task as anyone who has seen the plucky contestants enter the Dragons’ Den on the hit television programme can agree. However, with a high number of food and drink companies emerging each year the competition to secure investment is becoming even more challenging.

“It’s always been done that way”

There is a difference between being agile and being flexible. Working in an industry such as ours, it is important to distinguish between the two as often such confusion or indeed misuse could lead to some difficult situations.

Specialist Food & Drink Expertise to Grow Your Business

As featured in the May/June 2019 issue of Insider Magazine, AAB is delighted to share details of our dedicated food and drink team's knowledge, experience and recent experience. 

An Uncommon Understanding

Why not “A Common Understanding”?  Well, because when it comes to cost sharing, a common understanding is all too rare.

A national firm with a global outlook

Globalisation is an increasingly important opportunity for businesses of all types – some looking to set up a new ventures overseas, others looking to expand operations and some performing international projects in multiple countries. All of these approaches are well known and understood by Chartered Accountancy & Business Advisory firm Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (AAB), who have a wealth of capability, experience and resource in this area.

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