Are you considering a hybrid workforce and what does that mean for your finance function?

The pandemic has ushered in a new model of working, with many businesses considering adopting more flexibility in the longer term. With a longer-term shift to hybrid working seemingly on the cards, having the right foundations for productive team working has never been more important. Recent survey data has acknowledged that there is a shift from employees wanting to work remotely at least half the time. One of the most cited barriers to hybrid working and the blended work approach of having staff and outsourced functions is the dip is productivity.  

What opportunities are there for SMEs?

There is no doubt that SMEs are facing a changing market. If you are an SME owner or manager, you will know that the past couple of years have been full of new challenges, and several new measures will have had to be put in place to ensure business survival and success. But it is important to remember that opportunities can arise out of adversity.

Why is Research and Development (“R&D”) Important for Brewers?

R&D normally delivers a cash flow benefit to a brewer.

Key considerations for business owners in advance of selling their company

Following significant disruption to the UK Construction sector throughout the Covid pandemic, demand for construction is on the rise driven by large new infrastructure projects, housebuilding, and an increase in home improvements. This increase in demand comes at a time when there is a shortage in skilled workers and key building materials, creating issues for smaller companies that lack visibility of medium to long term demand.

Scotland’s food & drink offerings are more important than ever to help with economic recovery

Dramatic landscapes, white sandy beaches and charming cities, towns and villages are all but a few reasons why Scotland is on so many people’s travel lists. As well as the few reasons listed, Scotland can be considered one of the world’s most attractive food destinations. Like many of us, I long for venturing abroad to fulfil my foodie/travel needs, but I do believe that we have just as much to offer, so long as you pack for all four seasons at any time of the year!

2020 Year in Review - Legal Sector

The thought of lockdown round two will have given many partners flashbacks of the difficult economic conditions experienced during the spring and summer of 2020. However, from recent surveys there are strong indications that there is much more market optimism than most might think.

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