Budget 2020: Post-Brexit VAT measures welcomed by UK businesses

For his first budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak has delivered some interesting indirect tax changes.

It's That Time of Year

At last – we’ve reached the end of February, the days have started to draw out, we might even get some respite from the weather. Spring is in the air and a new financial year is on the horizon. Why not take the time to start planning for the year ahead? Maybe revisit some of the software solutions you are currently using in your business, and have a spring clean of some old practices. Here are just a few suggestions for areas you might like to consider: 

The Scottish Budget 2020/21

The Scottish budget for 2020/21 has been delivered, but what does it mean for the Scottish taxpayer? 

How will you Value your Time this Decade?

It’s a cliché but a new year often prompts us to think about all aspects of our lives and how we can improve things, what we really value and how we can focus on those things most important to us. 

EU Quick Fixes - Cross Border movements of goods

With the focus being firmly on Brexit, UK businesses could be forgiven for not being aware of EU changes that came into effect on 1 January 2020.  These have significant implications for cross border EU trade in the lead up to Brexit.

Fishing Boats and HMRC's Change of Policy on Tax Relief

For those in the fishing industry, the investment in a new boat is significant regardless of the size and scale of the fishing enterprise.  The Capital Allowances (CA’s) regime on boats over the years has been generous, particularly as certain reliefs exist only for this class of asset that aren’t available to other capital intensive industries such as farming.  

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