2021 Year in Review: Food, Drink and Hospitality Sector

As we look back over the food, drink and hospitality sector in 2021 what are the key words that have shaped the year? Covid, Brexit, human capital challenges, sustainability and organisational agility all immediately come to mind.

Cheers to Indirect Tax relief!

Indirect Tax changes can help revitalise the tourism and hospitality sector 

Why is Research and Development (“R&D”) Important for Brewers?

R&D normally delivers a cash flow benefit to a brewer.

Why is Research and Development (“R&D”) Important for those in the Food Industry?

R&D normally delivers a cash flow benefit to those innovating in the Food Industry.

Scotland’s food & drink offerings are more important than ever to help with economic recovery

Dramatic landscapes, white sandy beaches and charming cities, towns and villages are all but a few reasons why Scotland is on so many people’s travel lists. As well as the few reasons listed, Scotland can be considered one of the world’s most attractive food destinations. Like many of us, I long for venturing abroad to fulfil my foodie/travel needs, but I do believe that we have just as much to offer, so long as you pack for all four seasons at any time of the year!

Drinks market innovation rises to meet new consumer demand

As if the turmoil of Covid and Brexit weren’t enough, our drinks industry is facing a new challenge. How to innovate faster than it’s ever done before.

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