COVID-19 Travel Restrictions - Impact on Employer PAYE Reporting when NT codes in Operation

Following the tightening of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, many employers have been faced with having employees who would normally work wholly overseas, ending up based in the UK and carrying out their role either from a residential address, hotel or a Company base in the UK.

"I Have Received my 2019 Norwegian Tax Assessment Notice, Now What?"

As we have now passed the submission deadline for 2019 Norwegian Tax Returns, employees who have worked in Norway during 2019 will receive their 2019 Tax Assessment Notice (TAN) at any point between now and October 2020, if not already. 

COVID-19 - Skilled frontline foreign workers receive temporary tax concession

These are unprecedented times, and we all know the NHS is under enormous pressure. NHS staff in particular are on the front line of this fight against COVID-19, and many have come to the UK from overseas to work or train here, providing us with much needed skills and support across the NHS. I’m sure everyone will have heard Boris Johnston’s heartfelt thank you to the dedicated nurses who took great care of him, both of whom came from overseas. Those same nurses, and indeed the rest of the NHS community, also rely on access to first class and appropriate medical equipment which can only be delivered with the help of skilled engineering expertise and resources.

New Registration Requirements for Employers Posting Employees to the Netherlands

As a consequence of the Posting of Workers Directive and the Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the EU Act (WagwEU), with effect from 1st March 2020, employers from countries in the EEA and/or Switzerland who post employees to the Netherlands on a temporary basis are required to register those employees before they start working in the Netherlands.

2019 Norwegian Income Tax Returns - Get Ahead of the Deadline

Individuals who have worked in Norway, either offshore on the Norwegian Continental Shelf or onshore in Norway are required to complete a Norwegian income tax return.

Working in Norway & Denmark - Are you aware of your Corporate Tax Obligations?

During 2019 we have seen that Norway and Denmark continue to be attractive work locations for UK companies. UK companies who are working in Norway and Denmark continue to specialise in the traditional sectors of oil and gas but we have also seen an upsurge in other sectors such as renewables, aquaculture and agriculture. It is important to emphasise that UK companies who are working in Norway and Denmark and any other overseas territory must remain compliant with the local tax laws. With the increase of foreign companies working in these territories, the Norwegian and Danish authorities are actively seeking to ensure that these companies are compliant by paying the required taxes due and filing the correct returns.  

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