Moving Overseas to Save Tax? This could be more taxing than you think…

After weeks of lockdown, and searching for some much needed escape from COVID news, I came across BBC 2’s latest documentary Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich”. It allowed for a fascinating insight into this country which has extraordinary wealth, attracting the super rich from across the world.  

HMRC Nudge Letters for Overseas Income – another batch issued in July 2020

HMRC’s very own “tax gift that just keeps giving”…

British Expats Beware - HMRC are coming...

Big Brother

Offshore Assets, income or gains …any undisclosed tax liabilities?  HMRC offer ‘Time To Pay arrangements’ during COVID-19 pandemic

As we have documented in earlier blogs (captured below), ownership details of offshore assets, income and gains have been directly provided to HMRC, via exchange of information agreements with hundreds of overseas countries in the last 2 years. HMRC now have access to unprecedented amounts of information relating to overseas details for UK resident individuals

COVID-19 - Skilled frontline foreign workers receive temporary tax concession

These are unprecedented times, and we all know the NHS is under enormous pressure. NHS staff in particular are on the front line of this fight against COVID-19, and many have come to the UK from overseas to work or train here, providing us with much needed skills and support across the NHS. I’m sure everyone will have heard Boris Johnston’s heartfelt thank you to the dedicated nurses who took great care of him, both of whom came from overseas. Those same nurses, and indeed the rest of the NHS community, also rely on access to first class and appropriate medical equipment which can only be delivered with the help of skilled engineering expertise and resources.

Non-UK Resident and worried about extended days in the UK? – HMRC issue welcome concession due to COVID-19

Further to our recent article connected to many individuals being asked to stay longer in the UK,  HMRC have now updated their guidance acknowledging the COVID-19 pandemic may well impact individuals ability to move freely to and from the UK, or require them to remain unexpectedly in the UK.

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