MTD for VAT - The Next Step

Whether your business was one of the majority of VAT registered businesses required to file via HMRC’s new MTD platform with effect from 1 April 2019, or you were granted a deferral until 1 October, the first phase of Making Tax Digital (“MTD”) is now a reality for all businesses. This first phase, digital submission, was the easy bit... provided that you had functional compatible software or had access to a bridging solution, submission of the 9 box VAT return information to HMRC was straight forward. 

MTD for VAT: Frequently Asked Questions

Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfVAT) is coming April 2019… less than 5 months away!  If you are not aware of MTDfVAT please let me provide a brief overview:

Rural businesses – are you fully aware of how MTD for VAT will impact you?

Everyone is suddenly talking about Making Tax Digital for VAT (“MTD”), but many rural businesses may not be fully aware of what it means or how it will impact them, let alone what they might have to do to ensure they comply.

MTD for VAT  – is it all bad news?

So according to HMRC there’s no going back, MTD for VAT really is going to happen. From next April you will have to be able to file your VAT Return through ‘functionally compatible software’ – and suddenly businesses are becoming aware of what this means and the changes they might have to make just to able to carry on doing something they’ve had no problems with for years and which is a fundamental part of their business!

Making Tax Digital for VAT: MTD-Day minus 200…and counting

It’s a bit like GDPR – everyone’s suddenly talking about Making Tax Digital for VAT (“MTD”) but many businesses don’t know what it means and how it impacts them, let alone what they might have to do.

Making Tax Digital for Businesses (“MTDfB”)

It is HMRC’s aim to eradicate the tax return as we know it by 2020, replacing it with a system called Making Tax Digital for businesses (“MTDfB”).

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