What's your future GAP?

27 March 2018

The question we find ourselves increasingly asking clients is: how ready are you to meet the challenges of the future and what preparation are you doing now?

As the world enters the 4th Industrial Revolution – sometimes also referred to as the digital age – we face challenges we’ve never had to encounter before.

This is where our Growth Acceleration Programme (GAP) can help you realise your ambitions.

With our combined experience in strategic, people, operational, commercial, technical and financial development, AAB Consulting can help you identify, quantify and prioritize growth opportunities. Using well defined and developed strategy execution techniques, we can help you unlock the potential within your business and help you prepare for the future.

There is a lot of work being done by colleagues and contacts of ours across a number of industries to look at where the economy will be in just a few short years. There is an excellent report done on behalf of Scottish Enterprise which highlights many of the challenges and opportunities that automation will bring to Scotland’s economy.

Whilst the more traditional approach to growth looks at your sales performance, products, M & A, exports and productivity, our Growth Acceleration Programme also now includes those of the digital age, including platforms, how the entire ecosystem of your business operates, analytics, agile and AI (artificial intelligence).

Looking at this graph of human capability and technological development over the centuries gives us some insight:

consulting blog 1.png

Although AI is often spoken about, many people don’t realise that at the current rate of progress the potential exists for humans to create an AI system that is more intelligent than a human by 2021. This also means that there is the potential to create an AI system that is more intelligent than the entirety of humanity by around 2042. A sobering thought, certainly.

Like all such scenarios, however, there is the potential for huge opportunity too. It’s about how you position your business and people for these challenges within a fast-moving regulatory and business environment.

These brief sectoral snapshots give us some clues too. In fact, whilst the work done to create these pictorial perspectives is now nearly 18 months old, you can see some of this already happening:

consulting blog 2-1.png



The good news is that by using our Growth Acceleration Toolkit, we look at your growth strategy, your revenue model, your commercial and people processes. We can help you work out how to innovate, position your business and meet the workforce challenges of today as well as those that are only just around the corner.

So, how prepared are you for business next year as well as in 5 – 7 years’ time?

If this sounds like it should apply to your business, or you’d simply like to know more, let us know – we’d be delighted to come and chat to you.

For more information, contact Ewan Hunter (consulting@aab.uk) of the AAB Consulting Associate Network, or your usual AAB contact

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